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    Khyli Smith

    As a veritable goddess of ineffable beauty and grace confidently saunters into the den, wading through ignoble criminals and deplorable filth, the dregs of society packed into a smoky dive on the corner of Sixth and A, an awed, unnatural silence sweeps across the formerly boisterous crowd assembled therein. The lips and tongues of garrulous braggarts are still. The carousing of revelers guzzling tankard after tankard of watery beer is hushed in but a heartbeat. The despair of the beggarly, bereft of fortune and friendship, Fates spitting upon them, torn from all that they held dear and cast into a dangerous, alien land with naught but the clothes on their backs, vanishes; a stream of ephemeral hope pours into their hearts, that this is not a punishment from the divines but an opportunity to begin life anew.

    A minute elapses. Again, the room is abuzz with mirth and merriment, though she is not forgotten. Try as the patrons of the tavern might, the slurred words of their idle conversations on this and that inevitably lead to one topic and one topic alone. Her.

    Of her, they know nothing, so they embellish, as characters of their nature are wont to do. A lie might make a man a king and all others his thralls if his "truth" is never challenged. Like an contagious and baneful disease, vulgar rumors of her alleged romantic conquests spread. How she, like Helen of Troy, drove men mad and plunged her world into the maw of chaos. She, the fabled instrument of Eris. How she only appeared in the presence of the greatest of warriors, and how she rewarded the influential, the strong, and the wise. She, the consort of the regent and the champion. How she, like a succubus, preyed upon the hapless fools who fell victim to her fine features and her bewitching smile. She, the promiscuous predator.

    Alias: The Second Daughter of Clarissa
    Gender: Identifies self as female.
    Species: Ooze-Demon Hybrid
    Ostensible Age: Early Twenties
    Actual Age: Three Centuries (Roughly)
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Occupation: Apex Predator/Director of Helix’s PR Department
    Tonal Quality: Alternates between a throaty purr and a carefree lilt.
    Approximate Height: 5' 11"

    ((To the tune of the "Major-General's Song"))
    She is the very model of the modern maiden sensual! She has a gorgeous smile and a mischievous little devil tail! Her pretty little angel wings are of the purest and whitest hue (tucked away in her back both inconspicuous and ignorable)! Her pointy little cat ears animated and adorable! Her fair skin has a light tan that is wonderful and radical. Many folks have lost their heads staring into her baby blues (and if they had a second chance that's not the only thing they'd lose)! Her lips are red as blood and she is naturally voluptuous. Alluring and flirtatious she's the subject of alot of fuss. To sum, if you like excellence both magical and physical she is the very model of the modern maiden sensual! What's more, her purple eyes shine with such radiant intelligence. Her mannerisms playful and lascivious her preference! She has the cutest nose and perfect features (all mammalian)! With teeth like those her diet must consist of things animalian. Her lustrous raven hair magnificent in its simplicity, brushing against the sword that she armed with like nobility. That said, she has a thing for vice and for simple common trickery! Without a moral qualm with sins, especially adultery ('cause her curtaintastic talents, when she's not in the least hungry, are attributed directly to the line of her ancestry)! To sum, if you like excellence both physical and magical she is the very model of the modern maiden sensual!

    Abilities (Preternatural):

    Internal Chemical Synthesis - Sample Applications

    Venom: With her fangs, Khyli can inject chemical substances (synthesized either internally or externally) directly into people's bloodstreams. Khyli may harness this ability to drug her paramours. Khyli is more than woman; she's an addiction and a dangerous one at that. If displeased, Khyli can effortlessly poison any intimate offender or simply watch in sadistic glee as he or she withers away from to withdrawals.

    Engineered for beauty beyond all compare, graceful, lithe, and slender, Khyli's body may set tongues wagging and noses bleeding. If her body does not entice, Khyli can infuse potent pheromones into the air with her every breath. This pheromone must be tailored to a given species to prove effective.

    Shapeshifting and Ooze-Body - Specifics

    Ooze Resistances, Ooze Resilency, and Shapeshifting: One of the perks of being Clarissa's daughter is that Khyli can shapeshift at will. She has no crucial internal organs to faff around with, so this process is typically quick and painless. She can (and normally does) possess a circulatory system, among other biological systems vital to standard humanoids. To Khyli, this is merely a ruse to mask her true nature. In addition, Khyli retains the usual slime/ooze resistances and capabilities. Truly damaging her with a sword or a conventional firearm is no mean feat. Furthermore, Khyli can "reproduce" by splitting herself into two or more mini-Khylis. In this state, Khyli's attention is as divided as her physical vessel. This in turn imposes a cap on the number of seperate entities Khyli can control at any one time. It also limits the complexity of the tasks these entities can perform without impairing Khyli's combat efficiency. Khyli rarely exploits any of these advantages (with the exception of shapeshifting). She wants people to underestimate her.

    Biomass Assimilation (Ooze Enhancement): Oozes and slimes can, by and large, engulf and digest their prey. Khyli was endowed with this trait as well, albeit with one major improvement. Khyli's digestive acids are on par with those of the infamous Xenomorph of the Alien franchise.

    DNA Assimilation (Shapeshifting Constraint): In order to sythesize new chemicals internally or incorporate alien biological systems into her physical form, Khyli must either consume a creature that contains DNA she could use to replicate the selected biological system or chemical concoction.


    Tracking: A hunter cannot kill her quarry if she knows not where it is. Khyli is an expert tracker of man and beast alike, ferreting out information regarding her target's whereabouts with what may very well be religious fervor.

    Stealth: Khyli couldn't blend in with a crowd to save her life, but she can silently stalk her prey from the shadows. It's clear that she was trained by a covert operative of some sort at some point.

    Combat Training

    Weapon Proficiency - Katana: Khyli's weapon of choice is the katana. It is the only bladed weapon she is familiar with aside from the stiletto and the dagger.

    Weapon Proficiency - Unarmed: Khyli coulda been a contender! Well, she coulda been a contender if she wasn't a bloodthirsty infernal. Unarmed combat is an art Khyli was introduced to at a young age and has had more than a century to hone.


    Contract Negotiation and Interpretation: Drawing Khyli from the abyss is one thing. Enlisting her aid is another matter entirely. There are conditions that must be met, and it is required that these stipulations are laid out in a contract to be signed in blood. Khyli learned how to draft these contracts decades ago. She's a manipulative employee. Her contracts are always constructed to give her an edge.

    Clarissa's Hivemind: Classified Information - May Be Revealed IC


    Photographic Memory: Self-Explanatory
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