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    John Walker
    Race: Human (Zombie)
    Gender: Male
    Profession: Butler and personal bodyguard for Aherea Crowtalon
    Age: 57 (at death, 39)
    Alignment: Neutral Annoyed
    Power Rating: D+

    Description: His skin is gray and dessicated, and his eyes glow red. He is dressed in torn, threadbare clothes, and has shriveled features, due to decomposition. He wears a gold necklace inlaid with a purple gem that contrasts sharply with the rest of his visage.

    Equipment: John carries a bo staff and a steel plated shield on his back, both of which he can use quite effectively in combat.

    Personality & Backstory: John, or "Walker" as his companions call him, has been a loyal servant of the Crowtalon family for most of his life. Run through the heart by an irate gorgon several years back, he was then raised by Aherea as a zombie to continue serving the family. He is a temperamental character, who prides himself on always being polite, on time, dutiful, and very, very deadly if he needs to be.

    Abilities:John possesses no special abilities other than his combat prowess and the ability to telepathically communicate with Aherea Crowtalon through his necklace.
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