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There's a limit on how many one character can make. It's nebulously worded so it could mean that only so many can be made per casting of the spell or that that's all a given character can make ever. RAW is aggravating.
Actually, it's not all that unclear. Compare it to the classic staple of Animate Dead. That spell clearly delineates how much can be created per spell, and lists separately how much can be controlled total. 2 data points.

Fireball, on the other hand, only tells you what damage is done per spell. There is no limit inherent or implied on how much damage you can ever do total with that spell.

Create Crawling Claw only lists what it does per spell, like fireball. If we assume a limit that is not stated, then we throw potentially massive portions of the game out of whack because it's not worded any differently than fireball or hundreds of other spells. So you would not ever be able to create more than a single casting's worth of Wall of Stone, for instance.

You may house-rule such a change as your own personal interpretation, since you might feel the spell is overpowered otherwise. But it gives no total, overarching maximum like Animate Dead does. So unless you are going to slap ALL spells with the same "single casting is the total maximum", so you'll never be able to create more than a few gallons with Create Water, or more than a few hours total worth of Mount, then it's got no upper limit.

No, the spell says what the spell says. Adding interpretations to restrict that throws so much of the game into question that it does far more harm than good.