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    Die of Wonder Chart

    1 A swarm of angry dire bees are summoned above the dice.
    2 The caster is turned into a were-kangaroo every full moon.
    3 The caster gains the smooth voice of Morgan Freeman the next 24 hours.
    4 All inanimate objects within 5 yards will start give encouraging compliments to the target for the rest of the day.
    5 The target switches gender. If the target isn't traditionally gendered it will turn pink or blue.
    6 A beam will be fired from the dice aimed towards the target. If it hits, the target will turn to stone for 24 hours.
    7 The target will smell like burning excrete until this effect is dispelled.
    8 The target turns invisible until this effect is dispelled. This effect isn't extended to the characters clothes or possessions.
    9 The target start growing green hair all over his body and get an inexplicable urge to destroy Thankmas (or the closest related nexus holiday). This effect lasts for a day.
    10 The caster gain a hat by his/her players choice.
    11 The target and the caster switches bodies.
    12 A riding dinosaur appears, complete with saddle.
    13 The caster gains an electric guitar and the talent to play it.
    14 The target and the caster can from now on only speak in hulkspeak until the effect is dispelled.
    15 The target and the caster will instantly fall in love with each other until the effect is dispelled.
    16 All non-magical inanimate objects within 10 yards will turn into chickens (this includes clothes).
    17 An exact clone of the caster appears next to her/him with a pair of evil eyebrows. The clone may or may not be evil.
    18 All clothes, illusions within 100 yards of the caster are destroyed and all shapeshifters return to their original form if any.
    19 Three shockingly yellow hydra heads spontaneously grow out of the die and starts attacking everything around them until they are slain.
    20 The target can only walk on their hands for the next hour.
    21 The target doubles in size.
    22 A duck the size of an elephant is summoned with the word 'Rebo' written on it.
    23 The die randomly generates between 1 and 200,000 dice that are identical in appearance but carry no enchantments.
    24 A naked blow-up doll of the casters race appears directly attached to the die. The doll will slowly blow up with helium (and probably float away) until it's house sized. Then it will explode in a rain of rubber.
    25 Gravity is reversed for the caster for one hour.
    26 The target is suddenly covered in honey.
    27 A flock of sheep manifests around the target.
    28 The target will suddenly be dressed like Princess Peach (from Mario).
    29 The caster becomes twice as attractive as she or he was before to the target.
    30 The target's clothes (if any) will suddenly turn into extremely skimpy versions inspired by old D&D art depicting female humanoids.
    31 The target turns into an exact physical copy of the caster for the next 24 hours.
    32 The target becomes extremely attracted to the caster.
    33 All random NPC's within 50 yards will suddenly become extremely attracted to the target.
    34 All the targets clothes turns into solid gold.
    35 The closest inanimate object to the caster will animate and obey the caster unquestioningly.
    36 The targets life is turned into a musical adventure for a day. Everything the target does is accompanied by appropiate music that can be heard by everyone.
    37 A Gargantuan Dire Hippo appears halfway between the caster and the target, wearing a collar that reads Ackbar, Plague of the Sands. Rampages everything, then goes to find water
    38 A demon with an appearance that the caster will find attractive is summoned above the die and will offer the caster some sort of deal.
    39 A flying pig appears and asks the target where the nearest bathroom stall is. If politely given directions, it will give the target a magical ring. Otherwise it will turn the target into a pig.
    40 All the targets sexual characteristics (if any) grow in size.
    41 The dice explodes into a swarm of blue butterflies and will then reappear at the same location 10 minutes later.
    42 The target develops an intense fear of other people for 1 hour.
    43 The die flies up into the nearest nose, crossing dimensions if it needs to.
    44 The target is transported to a nexus location by the casters player's choice.
    45 Ancient aliens appear halfway between the target and the caster, builds an mysterious idol and then disappears again without leaving any trace of their existence.
    46 The caster gains the ability to fly and all his/her clothes (if any) turn green.
    47 The caster is turned into a dice of wonder while the dice of wonder is turned into an exact copy of the caster.
    48 A musical genie is spontaneously summoned from the dice.
    49 The target loses the ability to communicate with words for 1 hour.
    50 One ordinary house cat is summoned next to the dice. It will promptly start to hunt down and attempt to kill all commoners they can find until stopped.
    51 Another dice of wonder suddenly appears on the top of the target.
    52 A cake appears next to the die, when interacted with, it disappears.
    53 The target and the casters skin turn bright pink.
    54 The die animates, and begins trying to seduce the caster.
    55 The caster shrinks into the size of the dice for the next 10 minutes.
    56 The target and caster are taken to the site of a wedding, where they are looking into each other's eyes as the priest says they may now kiss.
    57 The caster becomes ten-times as strong as she/he/it was before for 1 hour.
    58 The targets eyes now switches color every time they blink, or at completely random intervals if they can't blink. If the target don't have eyes, nothing happens.
    59 The target will suddenly realize the fact they are fictional, this fact will be forgotten by the target and everyone it relayed it to after 10 minutes.
    60 The target will suddenly believe they are the caster for 10 minutes.
    61 The caster will suddenly find out what happened the last time the target used the bathroom.
    62 It starts raining dice in a small area for the next 5 minutes. Each one is a die of wonder with a singular use, this is probably the end of the world as we know it.
    63 The target suddenly get's extremely sexually aroused for the rest of the day.
    64 The target and the caster will be drawn right into each other for a kiss as fireworks go off in the distance.
    65 A chess board appears between the two players. The various pieces yell angrily until someone sits down to play.
    66 Everyone within 10 yards switches gender.
    67 A wild magclone appears!
    68 The target can suddenly understand the sublime language of plants. If they're actually saying anything interesting is another question.
    69 A monkey wielding with a staff appears and will serve the caster for 10 minutes before flying away on a cloud.
    70 The target gains a third eye in the center of their forehead
    71 The first object touched by the casters hand(s) that they're not wearing or holding at the time the die is cast is turned into a bear of approximate size
    72 The target is given a cake they are compelled to eat as quickly as possible
    73 The target starts to sneeze uncontrollably wherever it can hear the word "the".
    74 The target and the caster develops utter hatred for each other for the next 10 minutes.
    75 The target is set on fire and is unable to be caught by ninjas until the fire is put out. This does not damage the target in any way but might be harmful to those who try to catch him/her!
    76 The dice bursts into flames, this does not damage it in any way but might damage things around it.
    77 An NPC dragon within 1000 miles will suddenly learn the location of the target and become extremely attracted to it.
    78 The die turns into a dice tree with dice of wonder growing as apples.
    79 The worlds tiniest violin appears in the casters hand.
    80 All the targets clothes will suddenly be converted into bacon.
    81 Everyone within 100 yards of the dice will suddenly get the strong compulsion to partake in a strangely choreographed dance scene.
    82 The nearest fish within 24 miles get becomes a master sword smith. This astonishing level of skill means the fish can forge legendary weapons, but getting the fish to a forge is another problem.
    83 The caster suddenly hears all the dirtiest thoughts of those within ten meters
    84 The target plane shifts into another dimension chosen by the casters player.
    85 A huge pile of gems will suddenly appear right above the target.
    86 The target will get smacked by an carp appearing out of thin air.
    87 The caster and the dice switches bodies for 10 minutes.
    88 The die starts to loudly count down from 10, once it reaches zero it will explode, destroying everything within 10 yards including itself. Rolling the die again can stop this effect from taking place
    89 The dice is teleported into the nexus thread above this one.
    90 The caster grows a tail of players choice (if the caster already have a tail, it grows longer).
    91 The target and all his equipment loses all his/her/it's powers for 1 minute.
    92 A swarm of flying ponies appears and flies the caster to safety.
    93 The dice turns into a new NPC/PC of players/other players choice.
    94 A horde of monkeys appears and will attempt to steal the target away into the treetops.
    95 The target suddenly becomes extremely angry for no explained reason.
    96 The target and the caster switches voices.
    97 A medium sized earthquake will shake the surrounding area for 1 minute.
    98 The caster and the target falls asleep.
    99 The dice points out the targets every character flaw in a snarky manner for the next 10 minutes.
    100 Roll the dice three times, all the three effects will happen at once.
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