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    Gender: Female
    Species: Goddess,
    Age: Elven HAE of 27
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Titles: Goddess of Twilight, Keeper of Change, and Mistress of Mayhem
    Power Level: A+

    Personality: Lyrina is impulsive and reckless, thriving in chaotic environments. Lyrina despises bright lights and pitch-black darkness, and is ambitious.

    Appearance: Lyrina has grey skin, with long white hair. Her eyes glow purple, Lyrina is slender, slightly curvy, and of average height. She has large wings, one black and one white.
    She wears a light purple sweater, a long black skirt, and leather boots and gloves. Her back bears a tattoo showing the image of a Corellion-style star with the tips if the star connected to form a shape similar to a diamond.

    Abilities: Control over light and dark, expert scythe-wielder, can fly, can heighten emotions in people, able to create holograms of self (which are sentient and part of a hive mind with her).

    Equipment:Burning Darkness, a scythe with an ebony staff and a bright copper blade, a pendant.

    Notes: Bound to physical form.

    Burning Darkness

    This long scythe has a 4-foot ebony handle with a wickedly sharp 2 foot long gleaming copper blade on one side and a 6 inch copper blade on the opposite side. The long blade radiates light similar to that of a fire in the darkness.
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