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I don't think it was just a dig at DC, because Marvel's been going down that same path, just with less 'global' reboots and more on an individual basis. Look at Jean Grey, for example, or Spider-Man after Joe Quesada got his hands on the webslinger.

On the other hand... V's single with no regrets about the breakup, so Belkar has a chance now!
I think that DC is far more guilty of this sort of behavior than Marvel is. For all my gripes about the way Brian Bendis writes dialogue, his love for characters like Luke Cage is genuine, but he hasn't tried to force them back to their roots. Rather than reverting Luke back to his Power Man days, Bendis took the character in a brand new direction, having him join the Avengers, marry Mary Sue Jessica Jones and be a bad-a$$ character, while doing something new. The same goes for Dan Slott on "Amazing Spider-Man", where he took sad-sack Peter Parker to his lowest point (fired as his job as photographer for Mayor J. Jonah Jameson) and turned him into a research scientist at a start-up company, where Peter turned the inventions he used to fight crime into medical devices, consumer electronics and other interesting products. Then Doc Ock stole Peter's life. Bet ya didn't see that coming, huh?

Meanwhile, at DC, Geoff Johns is single-handedly responsible for sidelining characters like Kyle Rayner and Wally West, legacy heroes who earned the affection of fans during the 1990's, while shoehorning the heroes they replaced back into continuity. He rewrote Superboy's origin, forcing his head-canon about who donated Connor's human DNA, changing the donor from Project Cadmus' crooked director to Lex Luthor (who was masquerading as Lex Luthor Jr. at the time Superboy was created by Project Cadmus, and took steps to recover Superman's body from Cadmus to keep him from being cloned!). Geoff Johns has never met a piece of post-Crisis continuty he didn't want reverted back to the Bronze Age status quo, and now he's become Dan DiDio's hitman when it comes to reboots. If the nu52 doesn't increase sales, DiDio will order another reboot, and another and another.

Meanwhile, at the House of Ideas, they have good ideas ("Superior Spider-Man") and bad ideas ("Avengers Arena"), but they aren't rehashing every single idea from the last fifty-odd years. Marvel is still capable of entertaining me; I can no longer say the same for DC.

As for Gygaxian!Belkar and Gygaxian!V, won't that be awkward, now that V's gender has changed, and Belkar's childhood traumas have changed, given him different fetishes?

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Speaking as a deeply disgruntled DC fan, you were definitely not.
Add me to the list of deeply disgruntled DC fans. The nu52 is full of the worst problems from the '90s, the continuity makes no sense, and worst of all it's not a fun universe to live in. When the Marvel Universe, with Sentinels, anti-Mutant bigots, Mutant terrorists, Atlantean invasions, Thanos casually wiping out half the lifeforms in the universe and the Moleman causing traffic delays in front of the Baxter Building every time Giganto pops up, is a more pleasant universe to live in than one with Superman in it, something has seriously gone off the rails. Manhattan may get trashed once a week in the Marvel Universe, but the Avengers, the FF or the X-Men will save the day, and Damage Control will show up by 5:00 PM to clean everything up, so nobody has to miss work in the morning. Can the nu52 Justice League make that guarantee? I don't think so!