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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir_Leorik View Post
    As for Gygaxian!Belkar and Gygaxian!V, won't that be awkward, now that V's gender has changed, and Belkar's childhood traumas have changed, given him different fetishes?
    Ah, but as long as Belkar is still a gourmet chef, V's love of bakers may still save the day.

    Add me to the list of deeply disgruntled DC fans. The nu52 is full of the worst problems from the '90s, the continuity makes no sense, and worst of all it's not a fun universe to live in. When the Marvel Universe, with Sentinels, anti-Mutant bigots, Mutant terrorists, Atlantean invasions, Thanos casually wiping out half the lifeforms in the universe and the Moleman causing traffic delays in front of the Baxter Building every time Giganto pops up, is a more pleasant universe to live in than one with Superman in it, something has seriously gone off the rails. Manhattan may get trashed once a week in the Marvel Universe, but the Avengers, the FF or the X-Men will save the day, and Damage Control will show up by 5:00 PM to clean everything up, so nobody has to miss work in the morning. Can the nu52 Justice League make that guarantee? I don't think so!
    You and I seem to have similar opinions regarding DC, and I'm curious whether you also miss Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown and Barbara Gordon as Oracle instead of whatever they're doing with her as Batgirl now. (I also really miss the old Arrow family, too... and Superman and Lois being married... and Superman and Wonder Woman not having any romantic interest in each other whatsoever... and superheroes being allowed to get married, period... and the Amazons not kidnapping sailors impregnating themselves, killing the sailors, and having killed any male children before Hephestus started taking them in... and Wonder Woman not having a father... and the universe not generally dedicating itself to being crushingly depressing... and - I'll shut up now.)

    And yes, I know that Stephanie's coming back, I was at the mic in the panel when it was announced. But after they removed her as Nightwing in Smallville and literally recolored her in a cameo in Li'l Gotham, it was a long time coming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalek Kommander View Post
    Heartless? Those flaming letters spelled ELAN! How many sons can honestly say their father has murdered dozens of human beings just to show how much they care?

    Tarquin's fatherly love is truly unique... or at least I hope it is!
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    First, I'm impressed that this topic went so far off topic that it ended up back at The Order of the Stick.
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