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True, but if V's gender has changed a certain way, will Belkar be willing to make the slash fans happy? And if V's gender has changed a certain way, would V's courting of Belkar upset the slash fans? Those slash fellas are an ornery bunch, and V and Belkar could cause lots of angry letters to "Gygaxian Magazine"!
I think the real question is, with how much Miko already divided the fanbase, what type of uproar will the upcoming Miko/Vaarsuvius/Belkar love triangle create?

Also, I like how you say slash fellas like the vast majority of us aren't female. :P

My complaints begin with the lack of narrative cohesion between the various books, and work their way down. The writers had barely any notice that a reboot was coming, unlike in 1985-86, when everyone at DC editorial were making plans for the end of "Crisis on Infinite Earths". There were too many titles launched, several with awful artwork due to the rushed deadlines. Batman's continuity makes no sense; if he's only been Batman for six or seven years, how has Bruce Wayne had three two Robins, and was able to father Damien? Why was Mr. Freeze's backstory changed? Why was Harley Quinn turned from a tragic obsessive to a stripper? Why did the Joker audition for "Face-Off"?
Yeah, the whole "we sat down and wrote out a cohesive timeline well before the reboot" line is total BS. DC wasn't exactly a shining pinnacle of internal coherency and writer communication before the reboot, but things like the Tim Drake Robin debacle just really take the cake. There is clearly almost NO communication happening between writers, excepting Snyder's apprenticeship program deal, and stuff like the Batwoman debacle show that editorial isn't any better at communicating, either with different levels of editorial or with the writers themselves, given that writers have been repeatedly asked to make eleventh hour changes to plotlines that had been approved months or even over a year in advance, despite Didio promising not to do so.

I'll be honest that I'm not the biggest "Teen Titan" fan in the world, but the wiping away of all past Teen Titan teams is a bit of an insult to Perez and Marv Wolfman, and everyone else who's worked on the book. I'm a big Legion of Superheroes fan, and while Paul Levitz' book was okay, "Legion Lost" was just awful. What they did to Gates, one of the three non-humans on the team, is an atrocity, especially since it was done for shock value. Gates' apparently died in the first issue of "Legion Lost" when the team's Time Capsule exploded. He was later revealed to have teleported away, but was captured and subjected to a virus which warped his insectoid appearance.
Honestly, I'm not even touching New 52 Teen Titans - as a Jason Todd fan, I've already seen how absolutely awful Scott Lobdell's writing is, and I have no interest in subjecting myself to more of it. Still, the role of Wally West and Donna Troy, as well as the original Teen Titans, in comic book history is huge, and just wiping that all away is definitely a slap in the face to Perez and Wolfman. Not to mention, it's pretty clear that this is yet another massive continuity change that writers were informed about well after the reboot started, given references to the old Teen Titans team in early issues of the Nu52. I'm afraid I don't know much about LOSH, but I'm sorry to hear that it's been such a mess.

I liked "Demon Knights" and "Animal Man", but with the price increases, and the disgust I felt with many of DC's changes and their attitude to customers, I started dumping books.
Seriously. So much for drawing the line at $3.99, especially for books that wouldn't even be worth $0.99 (there are very few New 52 books I have purchased and not regretted buying, though there aren't many New 52 books I've purchased anyway - I went from buying maybe 10 titles before the reboot to buying one immediately after the reboot, to buying none of the New 52 line a few months after I finally realized RHATO wasn't going to stop sucking, though I have been enjoying Li'l Gotham, largely because it isn't in the frelling New 52.)

Regarding Wonder Woman, the irony is that I don't mind her having a father, but I think they dropped the ball by making her Zeus' bastard daughter. There was a better option: making her the daughter of Herakles, conceived when Herakles visited the Amazons to steal the Girdle of Hypolita as part of his Twelve Labors. In Marvel's "Incredible Hercules" series, Herc tells his sidekick Amadeus Cho about how he wooed Hypolita, and they enjoyed a night of passion, before Herc fled with the Girdle in one hand, his tunic in the other, chased by a horde of Amazons.

Diana could have been conceived in the same way, and out of shame at being taken advantage of by Herakles (who was much more brutal in the George Perez and John Byrne stories from the post-Crisis continuity, than the Avengers' lovable goof-ball Herc is) and sought to leave the child to die. Hera, Athena and Aphrodite appeared to Hypolita, and told her to give them the child whom they turned to clay, until the day Hypolita's heart yearned for a daughter. They also blessed Diana with beauty, virtue and wisdom, and she gains her strength, stamina, and speed from her father. This way Diana's connection to her mother is preserved, and she can learn the truth about Herakles and he can become a major member of her Rogues' Gallery, or they can join forces to battle Ares or Circe.

Otherwise, I enjoy the idea that Wonder Woman is more closely tied to Greek mythology. That way she represents the fantastic and magical, Superman represents science-fiction, and Batman represents the old pulp heroes that inspired Bill Finger and Bob Kane, like the Shadow or Zorro. That way each of the "Trinity" of heroes who headline the Justice League represent one of the three genres that every DC hero embodies.
I'm fine with the idea of tying Wonder Woman more into Greek myth, but the problem is that a lot of Greek myth is really full of misogyny, whereas Wonder Woman is kind of supposed to be a feminist icon. I would have really enjoyed some reinterpretations of Greek mythology through that lens, but instead the Amazons just went full-out babykiller.