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I think the real question is, with how much Miko already divided the fanbase, what type of uproar will the upcoming Miko/Vaarsuvius/Belkar love triangle create?

Also, I like how you say slash fellas like the vast majority of us aren't female. :P
Hey, I'm tryin' not to judge! The real catastrophe will be with people trying to ship Elan with his twin sister Lena, leader of the Linear Gang. Despite Lena being in a committed relationship with Sabino the Incubus, to boot! After the Reboot, Thog is even dumber than ever, and Zz'Ditri belongs to a different Drow House.

Yeah, the whole "we sat down and wrote out a cohesive timeline well before the reboot" line is total BS. DC wasn't exactly a shining pinnacle of internal coherency and writer communication before the reboot, but things like the Tim Drake Robin debacle just really take the cake. There is clearly almost NO communication happening between writers, excepting Snyder's apprenticeship program deal, and stuff like the Batwoman debacle show that editorial isn't any better at communicating, either with different levels of editorial or with the writers themselves, given that writers have been repeatedly asked to make eleventh hour changes to plotlines that had been approved months or even over a year in advance, despite Didio promising not to do so.
DC's current editorial staff is functioning the way Marvel was circa 1995-6, back when Bob Harras was the EIC. Which is no surprise, since Bob Harras is the EIC. I know that Joe Quesada gets a lot of grief thrown his way for "One More Day" and "One Moment In Time" (a lot of it deserved), but I feel that he runs a very tight ship at Marvel. I'd prefer if they did fewer cross-overs, but that's because I prefer cross-over to be something special. When Marvel does one right, like "House of M" or "Siege", they hit them out of the park. I just wish they let their "new status quo" last more than eight months.

A good example is the "Dark Reign" storyline, where Norman Osborne, the friggin' Green Goblin himself, is promoted from head of the Thunderbolts to director of National Security, after he makes a kill shot on the Skrull Queen and wins public acclaim. "Dark Reign" didn't run longer than it needed to, affected the status quo of the Avengers, Spider-Man and the X-Men, and created a new team, of "Dark Avengers" for Osborne to lead. Osborne might have succeeded where no villain but Dr. Doom or Baron Zemo has succeeded before, had it not been for Loki whispering in Osborne's ear.

By contrast, DC's villains rarely make such bold moves, with the notable exceptions of Lex Luthor, Ra's al-Ghul and Vandal Savage. DC's villains are for the most part not very complicated, again with notable exceptions. They're supposed to be dark contrasts to very bright heroes, like Superman, Wonder Woman or even Batman. Right now at Marvel, Doctor Octopus has stolen Spider-Man's body, but he's decided to become a better, "superior" Spider-Man to Peter Parker. But he can't be superior to Peter in one way: morally. By contrast, in "All-Star Superman", when Lex Luthor gains Superman's powers for a short time, he sees the world from Superman's perspective, and he physically can't be a villain any more. That's the difference between Superman and Spider-Man (at least according to Grant Morrison and Dan Slott, respectively, ).

That's been tossed away by DC. Don't get me wrong, I liked Morrison's new take on Superman in "Action Comics", but every other appearance of the nu52 Superman irks me on some level.

Honestly, I'm not even touching New 52 Teen Titans - as a Jason Todd fan, I've already seen how absolutely awful Scott Lobdell's writing is, and I have no interest in subjecting myself to more of it. Still, the role of Wally West and Donna Troy, as well as the original Teen Titans, in comic book history is huge, and just wiping that all away is definitely a slap in the face to Perez and Wolfman. Not to mention, it's pretty clear that this is yet another massive continuity change that writers were informed about well after the reboot started, given references to the old Teen Titans team in early issues of the Nu52. I'm afraid I don't know much about LOSH, but I'm sorry to hear that it's been such a mess.
The main "Legion of Superheroes" book, which takes place in the 31st Century and is mostly untouched by the nu52, is much better than "Legion Lost". They have different writers, and since the "Legion Lost" crew are stuck in the 21st century and the Time Trapper is keeping them from being rescued, those Legionnaires stuck in the past will continue to muddle along.

I'm fine with the idea of tying Wonder Woman more into Greek myth, but the problem is that a lot of Greek myth is really full of misogyny, whereas Wonder Woman is kind of supposed to be a feminist icon. I would have really enjoyed some reinterpretations of Greek mythology through that lens, but instead the Amazons just went full-out babykiller.
I think George Perez tried to find a good middle ground between the actual Greek myths, which as you said are not exactly friendly to women (or children) and the idealized Amazons that William Moulton Marston invented. It could be worse, the Amazons could be burning one of their breasts off to improve their aim.