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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir_Leorik View Post
    Hey, I'm tryin' not to judge! The real catastrophe will be with people trying to ship Elan with his twin sister Lena, leader of the Linear Gang. Despite Lena being in a committed relationship with Sabino the Incubus, to boot! After the Reboot, Thog is even dumber than ever, and Zz'Ditri belongs to a different Drow House.
    One looks forward to the adventures of Lena in Cliffport with the Girdle of Masculinity-Femininity, though.

    DC's current editorial staff is functioning the way Marvel was circa 1995-6, back when Bob Harras was the EIC. Which is no surprise, since Bob Harras is the EIC.
    Exactly! Didio's got a lot of his own micromanaging problems, but Harras almost drove Marvel into the ground, and now he's over at DC doing the exact same thing. Can we maybe get some pattern recognition going on here?

    By contrast, DC's villains rarely make such bold moves, with the notable exceptions of Lex Luthor, Ra's al-Ghul and Vandal Savage. DC's villains are for the most part not very complicated, again with notable exceptions. They're supposed to be dark contrasts to very bright heroes, like Superman, Wonder Woman or even Batman. Right now at Marvel, Doctor Octopus has stolen Spider-Man's body, but he's decided to become a better, "superior" Spider-Man to Peter Parker. But he can't be superior to Peter in one way: morally. By contrast, in "All-Star Superman", when Lex Luthor gains Superman's powers for a short time, he sees the world from Superman's perspective, and he physically can't be a villain any more. That's the difference between Superman and Spider-Man (at least according to Grant Morrison and Dan Slott, respectively, ).

    That's been tossed away by DC. Don't get me wrong, I liked Morrison's new take on Superman in "Action Comics", but every other appearance of the nu52 Superman irks me on some level.
    I am really tired of them trying to de-boy-scout Superman. It's possible to do complex storylines and deal with gray areas without turning Superman into a colossal jerk who heat visions off Dr. Light's face over a misunderstanding.

    The main "Legion of Superheroes" book, which takes place in the 31st Century and is mostly untouched by the nu52, is much better than "Legion Lost". They have different writers, and since the "Legion Lost" crew are stuck in the 21st century and the Time Trapper is keeping them from being rescued, those Legionnaires stuck in the past will continue to muddle along.
    Aha. One can only hope that whatever happens in Legion Lost will be swiftly retconned by the main LOSH book upon completion of the plotlines, then.

    I think George Perez tried to find a good middle ground between the actual Greek myths, which as you said are not exactly friendly to women (or children) and the idealized Amazons that William Moulton Marston invented. It could be worse, the Amazons could be burning one of their breasts off to improve their aim.
    I'm actually working my way through Perez's Wonder Woman right now, and it's probably my favorite version of Wonder Woman thus far. Greg Rucka's Wonder Woman run was fantastic, and will likely remain my favorite run even after I finish with Perez, but Perez seems to do a lot of interesting things with the mythology, and I'd love to see his approach brought back.

    And that would not be a particularly ideal return to mythology, no.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalek Kommander View Post
    Heartless? Those flaming letters spelled ELAN! How many sons can honestly say their father has murdered dozens of human beings just to show how much they care?

    Tarquin's fatherly love is truly unique... or at least I hope it is!
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    First, I'm impressed that this topic went so far off topic that it ended up back at The Order of the Stick.
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