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    Default Re: (PF) maggie's Rise of the Runelords: Skinsaw Murders IC


    Sirus has been enjoying his strong tea and he just destroyed a large meal of bread, meat, fruit and cheese, as was his habit. The last few days have been relaxing, giving him time to think. He knew that his road was to continue. But where? And how?

    But this day has not promised to be one of ...excitement. Of course, he had seemed to forget the effect of having Setsuna as one's companion could do.

    Pushing his way up, he strides casually, his hands folded in front of him, towards the hulking Ven. It is obvious that he has no hostile intentions, but that he is going to interpose. It is perhaps a sign of his relaxation that he is willing to address the situation.

    Master Ven. There must. Have been. A misunderstanding. Please. Join us. As. Our guest. Or have a pint. At our expense. Everything. Will be. Addressed.

    He gives a sidewise glance at Setsuna, as if to say "It will, will it not?"

    Sense motive to see the mood of the man, if he is prone to become violent. (1d20+9)[18]