Flustered to the point where words are not properly going from her brain to her mouth, Setsuna can only continue correcting her hakama's himo and attempt to push her way through the crowd that was forming. Too distracted by the all too recent sight of Shayliss, how direct she was, and her current state of dress, the young Minkan maiden fails miserably in assessing the best route of fleeing the scene and instead opts to try and squeeze her way past the growing crowd.

Unfocused as she is, with her hands fumbling at straps with significantly less grace than she's had with any task since getting feeling back in her hand, her efforts are rewarded with little success. If that's what she was thinking then why did she take me down there? I have a perfectly fit room in the-NO, I mean, why couldn't she have at least talked to me about it, or asked, I don't even know she liked me! I barely even know her. Oh gods, I need to get out of here.

Unfortunately, at least from Setsuna's perspective, it seems that everyone in Sandpoint can smell gossip 5 minutes in advance and has already positioned themselves in such a way that the tiefling can't extricate herself from being the center of attention, a fact that only causes her blush to deepen as she continues to push her way past the assembled group to no avail as the enraged father continues to hurl insults to which she lacks the presence of mind to correct.


Strength check already rolled, assume a [6] is a miserable failure.