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    Default Re: (PF) maggie's Rise of the Runelords: Skinsaw Murders IC


    Ye gods, it's too early for man or beast to be about! Back, back you mellifluous harpy! Is what Brin very much wanted to scream at the Rusty Dragon's young publican when she roused her from her room at sunset, but she managed to choke it back to a muttered "I'm awake" and a pathetic groan.

    Those who spent the whole day passed out in room they hadn't yet paid for didn't really have the right to complain about a wake up call, after all.

    Besides, it was good for a body to start the day with a solid breakfast. Even if it was almost night time. Fried squash, a healthy trencher of stew, and a frothy flagon of hair of the dog. Brin's booze-gummed tongue couldn't taste it properly, but at least the greasy meal eased the ache in her head.

    And the entrainment was second to none. The Dragon had a reputation, but even so, Brin was surprised to hear about the strange commotion that had broken out on the street. She shoved her way outside in time to see the initial rumors proven true by a disheveled tiefling flouncing past with and an irate greengrocer her heels. Brin had seen plenty in her travels, but a beating delivered with cured meat would be a first. She licked her lips in anticipation of the delicious battle to come. She could almost taste the sweet, intoxicating ambrosia of...


    'Delicious?' 'Sweet' 'intoxicating ambrosia'? Knock me down the infinite stairway, that's a Varisian rum ham!
    That settled things. Brin couldn't let the very pinnacle of the charcuterie arts be employed as a common bludgeon. Something had to be done. Someone must prevent this atrocity.

    Brin pushes her way through the crowd, desperate to deliver a spell of sanctuary to the tiefling before her hard head injures the ham.

    Cast sanctuary on Setsuna, DC 15 Will save to attack the target

    (1d20+2)[10] acrobatics roll to slip through the crowd
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