The combination of the newcomer's divine touch and Red and Sirus' words is enough to give Setsuna the presence of mind to stop struggling against the crowd and listen to Red's advice. Finishing setting the himo, the tiefling shakes her head at the rogue's question, replying in a whisper "I am not sure. I thought I was going to help with a rat problem, but maybe I need to work on my Taldane..."

Still embarrassed and confused, Setsuna tries and fails to meet Ven's enraged gaze after getting her hakama straightened out, missing the amused mutterings of the crowd as she does. That is not how a princess should act! Though I suppose this isn't either...

Starting to come to her senses, she agrees with Sirus in moving this conversation to a more private location, but rather than suggest that, she instead starts trying to mollify him, rather ineptly due to still not quite being able to respond to the furious father properly. "It was not what it seemed, I was trying to help her."


Passing on the Perception check.