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    GM post

    "Help her? With what? Making an honest girl into a strumpet? I dunno what kinda kinky stuff your kind get up to in Minkai, but you leave my daughter alone!" Setsuna's words fail to pacify Ven in any way whatsoever as the burly man growls and jabs threateningly in her direction with the ham. Ven was once a sailor and despite his recent paunch and having gone slightly to seed since setting up the General Store, he nevertheless cuts a tall and imposing figure over the petite tiefling.



    With all the attention focused on Ven and Setsuna, there is no one to stop Taladron as he sneaks up to the open basement door from which Setsuna was recently ejected.

    Despite the gloom and shadows within, Taladron's elven eyes have no trouble with scanning the premises for the aforementioned 'Shay'. There is a good deal strewn about on the floor in the otherwise neat storeroom - a sack of barley split at the seams and the little beans scattered all about, several ripened apples and cucumbers, not to mention broken jars that probably once contained pickled onions and sundried tomatoes in oil if the piquant bloom in the air is anything to go by. There is also a lone bodice with intricate lacework lying forlornly in the corner, soaking up the oil. Of the errant princess herself, however, there is no sign.

    You notice another set of stairs and door at the other end of the basement, which probably lead up into the General Store from the inside. It's quite possible that 'Shay' has long since fled to safety in the other direction.



    Red's Perception check: (1d20+6)[18]

    Helping with a rat problem? Working on my Taldane? Was that was the young people these days were saying when they really meant that they were doing sex? Red frowns in confusion before shaking her head wearily. Goodness. She must be getting old.

    Still, upon overhearing the voices in the crowd, Red's frown only deepens. A betting pool on who Shayliss was sleeping with? Just what had Setsuna gotten herself into? Tapping the tiefling's arm, Red tries to warn her before she gets herself into further trouble with Ven. "The crowd. They're saying... it's a trap. They're saying... Shayliss's been looking for a while... to bed someone new."


    Ven's Sense Motive vs Brin: (1d20)[17]

    Brin's cleverly worded retort elicits quite a few nods of agreement from the crowd, as well as several appreciative chuckles at her mention of 'ham-fisted'. Sandpoint's locals, as it turns out, are quite used to witty turns of phrase, thanks to the presence of the local theatre and the thriving school.

    "Rut what-? Ehhh. Of course yonder devil-blood didn't finish what she started now. I caught her in th'act! Saved my baby girl, that's what!" Ven is hardly pleased with the appearance of a stranger bold enough to question his logic, glowering at you from behind fiercely knit brows. "There ain't no dirty laundry if nothing's been stained! No scandal! I'll have yer know that Shay's a perfectly respectable maiden!"

    "Just like her sister, eh?" calls out some cheeky wag hidden among the crowd, to much cat-calling and back-slapping. "Come off it, old man. Everyone knows Shay's eager to charm the underclothes off every pretty boy 'n girl for miles."

    Ven flushes a deep shade of crimson at the jibe and abruptly turns on the crowd. "Who said that? Come out and say it to m'face, why don't yer!" he roars, spittle flying as he waves the ham wildly about. Despite Brin's best efforts, Ven's too canny a shopkeeper and he's obviously not surrendering his hambone into her custody.
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