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    GM post

    Although realising that he losing the crowd's sympathy, Ven nevertheless blusters on the best he can in a misguided attempt to save face. "Miscommu- my foot! There's nothing t' talk about. I know what I saw! You were-"

    "Do you, Ven? We all know you keep no lights in the basement lest you set fire to the merchandise, and one's eyesight does tend to go as one ages." This lazy voice belongs to a handsome blue-eyed Varisian with a dandy's moustache who has managed to shoulder his way to the front. Smirking, he squeezes out of the pressing crowd to stand boldly before the fuming shopkeeper. "If you ask me, the young Tian miss was just minding her own business when your daughter accosted her and pulled her into the basement. And when do you ask me, I'll say it's because me and my boys have been sitting at the fishmarket across the way for the past hour inspecting the merchandise. Haven't we, boys?"

    The 'boys' in question turn out to be a heavyset thuggish man with faded runic tattoos visible all the way down his collar and - surprisingly enough - a slender male tiefling, his ram-like horns nearly hidden by a shock of curly black hair and his too-pink skin covered with rigid snake scales. The thug grins toothily down at Ven, while the tiefling has no reaction at all, merely pulling his cloak a little closer about him and gazing sightlessly ahead.

    Although Ven continues to glower and stand his ground, those watching a little closer realise that the fight has already gone out of the burly shopkeeper, his shoulders tensing up in defense. Those paying closer attention to the crowd, Sirus in particular, might also realise that people are starting to mutter uneasily among themselves and shift their feet. "Whadda yer want, Jubrayl?" Ven growls in a voice that could have cut ice.

    "What do I want? Oh, nothing. Nothing at all," says Jubrayl airily, waving his hand dismissively in the air. "Just doing my part as a concerned citizen to keep the peace, no? Seeing as to how our good Watch has been oh so busy of late. But if you would be ever so kind, Ven, I believe this young miss would want to you to let her be on her way, to give you some time to speak with your daughter in private. Oh, and ignore what I said earlier. I do want something. Here." Digging in his pocket, Jubrayl winks rougishly at Brin before holding out a palmful of coins to Ven. "For that delicacy you seem to have mistaken for a basher."

    "I'm not taking yer dirty money!" Ven jerks back as though scalded. Scowling furiously, he glances down at the rum ham before thrusting it at Jubrayl's chest with enough force to make the lanky man stagger. "Shove it up your pie hole for all I care. And you!" Ven whirls on Setsuna, almost shoving his paunch into her forehead, the strain palpable in his dangerously low voice. "Keep away from m' princess, y'hear?"

    Without waiting for an answer, Ven stomps back up to his basement, nearly pushing Taladron off the steps before slamming the door with a vengeance. Meanwhile, the crowd, sensing that there is little more to see, disperses with astonishing speed, leaving only your group, the newcomer, and Jubrayl's crew.


    "I think that went rather well, don't you agree?" says Jubrayl cheerfully, polished black leathers gleaming under moonlight as he laughs and tosses the rum ham at Brin. "Beautiful prose, milady. Always a pleasure to see someone show Ven up for the pompous arse he is. And as for you, little miss Tian," he adds, playfully poking Setsuna on the forehead. "Don't you know any better than to play with Ven's daughters away from papa's premises? Be more careful next time. And you..."

    Catching sight of Red, who has been waiting quietly behind Setsuna all the while, Jubrayl's lips curl in a wide smile that doesn't reach his eyes. "Why, Miss Allin," he says with bloodcurdling politeness. "I wasn't aware you were running with this noble outfit. These friends of yours, Miss Allin?"

    Red's eyes flick worriedly at your direction before looking determinedly up at Jubrayl, nodding once even as she swallows from nervousness.

    "Ah, excellent. I was beginning to wonder if you'd ever make any friends in this town besides Enforcer Rico. It's always good for a young woman to have strategic connections everywhere, you know. Do give my regards to your sister, won't you?" Jubrayl executes an exaggeratedly sweeping bow from the waist, before winking again at Brin and snapping his fingers in Setsuna's face. "I'm sure I'll see you all around. Ladies. And two gentlemen. You all be good now, hear?"

    With that, Jubrayl struts off down the street, heading past the fishmarket towards the south end of town, his entourage of 'boys' in tow.

    Knowledge (local) DC 12 (can make check untrained)
    The man you have just met is Jubrayl Vhiski, one of the bartenders at the Fatman's Feedbag tavern over at the rougher side of Sandpoint. Jubrayl's known for being charming with the ladies, knife-wieldingly severe with customers who try to skive free drinks, and is reputedly able to drink visiting dwarf merchants under the table on a regular basis. Rumour also has it that Jubrayl is also something of a leader among the local Sczarni gang, though Sheriff Hemlock has never been able gather enough evidence to prove it. This doesn't stop people from giving Jubrayl the grudging respect and fear due a Sczarni lieutenant anyway, something that Jubrayl obviously enjoys.

    Exception if you're Red or Rico
    You know for a fact that Jubrayl is no lieutenant but the leader of Sandpoints Sczarni gang, and a very well connected one too. He's quite likely the mastermind behind the scam robbery that landed Red in jail over a year ago, no thanks to Red's sister pissing off the leader of the Kaer Maga Sczarni branch over a contested mark.
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