Despite her surprise at how easily this newcomer had cowed the volatile shopkeep and relieved him of his makeshift weapon, Brin easily snatches the tossed ham out of the air. Pleased with the outcome, she uses it to give this Jubyal character a little salute of gratitude.

Wait, i've heard that name before...hmm. While Brin hasn't been in town long, its hard not to pick up whispered rumors about that man. If half of what she'd heard was accurate, then it's no surprise that he sent Ven fleeing with his tail between his legs.

But that wasn't her problem. Not anymore. She had the rum ham, and there was still time to have it warmed for supper. Just bring it back to that barkeep, That's right. I'm sure she'll cook it for a small consideration...

"Uh-oh." Visions of unpaid room bills and an extremely recent dine-and-dash dance through Brin's head. She'd have to do something, or this could mean trouble. Most of her stuff was still in that room, and she'd heard that Amieko was some kind of local heiress, or aristocrat, or something else influential enough to turn a little grudge into a real problem.

A peace offering was in order. A token gesture to smooth the waters in addition to paying what she owed. A gesture like leading in a bunch of customers into the Rusty Dragon. But not too many. Brin waits for the crowd to thin some, each moment regretting what she was about to say.

Finally, when the crowd has dispersed enough to ensure a sizable portion for herself, she triumphantly raises the ham above her head and proclaims in a voice she hopes won't carry too far, "So...who wants to head over to the Dragon for some rum ham? Follow me."