Uhm.. so the fighter cannot have nice things because caster already get nice things and fighter get bonus feats?

that makes no sense to me.

but then again there is no way a mundane class is ever going to be able to do such things as GATE, or shapechange, or planeshift, or animate dead or anything like that.

( note I do have time stop as a feat for mundanes)

SO trying to balance mundanes up to the levels where they rewrite the rules of the universe is beyond poinltess to me, because then you don;t have casters and mundane you have casters and casters posing as mundanes but really they are casting spells.

im fine wth mundanes being in the 'tier' 3 to 'tier'4 range and as long as the player is not a jerk, casters being in the 'tier' 1 and 'tier' 2 slots don't break the game open.