in regards to seerow's tangent
Thats what it was in pre-3rd ed, they had for example a 3rd level spell that increases teh duration of your next spell or extends the range etc.
while combat expertise, power attack, srping attack were availe to any and everybody, and fighters got weapon focsu line ( and better)

why they made them feats really made no sense to me, other thna the whoel F THE FIGHTER casters only get d4 HP and no full BaB so they need everything and the kicthen sink for a balanced compromise.

I think you hit a great point Seerow, feats are teh equiv of 0-2nd level spells, the sad part is.. zero level spells are negligabel to the point of being completely ignored at higher levels, for me letting the fighter get feats that can be the equivalent of higher level spells ( i let fighters get a haste effect, a freedom of movement effect and other such feats.)

To me if a fighter can at 20th level perform an action due to a feat thats the equivalent of a 6th level spell, im allright with that.