Unable to respond to Ven as he storms off, Setsuna only manages to let out a sigh of relief before she turns to thank Jubrayl for his assistance in calming down the angry father only to be poked on the forehead. More relieved at his help than the minor insult however, the tiefling still offers him a polite thank you, not really believing the rumors she'd heard over the last couple of weeks about him now that she'd met him in person, before his attentions turn toward Red. Curious about his skittish companion, Setsuna watches her fellow tiefling more closely than her friend and fails to notice Red's anxiousness.

Not wanting to interrupt as the rogue talks to him, and not noticing how on edge Red seems, Setsuna waits until Jubrayl has finished speaking only to find he made his exit before she could ask what she could do to repay him. With nothing that can be done about it, she turns toward everyone who came to her aid. "He is a strange man. I think I understand the rumors about him now, but he seems nice enough to me." Wondering about Vhiski's questioning her and the various comments he made to Red specifically, she turns toward the rogue as she asks, "Do you know him very well?"


When Brin calls attention to herself and her newly acquired ham, Setsuna turns toward her and smiles, still a bit out of sorts from the earlier incident but calmed down enough now to remember her manners as she bows, "Oh, I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Setsuna, thank you for coming to help me," rising, she looks to Red, Taladron, and Sirus as well, "all of you, thank you."

Looking back toward to elven newcomer she continues, "I would love to share that ham with you, but I fear I owe you dinner instead, so at least let me buy you a drink."