well i do not mean exact copys of 6th level spells for instance i have in my latest fighter project True seeing for a fighter that at leats 1 GiTPer thinks is nice.

again i do not mean give the fighter 6th level spells as feats, I mean feats that are the equivalent of what youd imagine a 6th level spell is capable of.

I know that msyelf i go against that thoguht and gave fighters the ability to be do time stop as a swift action and thats a what..13th level spell? ( i forget teh cost for quicken)

though Fighters do get a specific legend lore like ability LOL.

Again im supportiave of Wcasters being able to say ' no' to the rules of the universe, to an extent. raising dead, planar binding, those kind of things

i dislike the fact that there are spells that do for example the rogues job.. but less of an investure of personal resources and much MUCH more of a sure thing.