Brushing himself off after Ven shoulders past him, Taladron gets a quick look at Jubrayl before he turns and walks away. For some reason, Taladron doesn't like him. Maybe because he was too smooth. Taladron's own awkwardness with people made him somewhat distrustful of anyone who was a natural people person. Red's reaction to the man was worrying too, but not entirely out of character when she is directly confronted.

At Setsuna's praise Taladron shrugs. It isn't as though I did anything... He also nods to the suggestion of getting food. It is what we had planned to do today anyhow what will one more person hurt? Though Taladron did have a worry on his mind. "I wonder what is holding Rico up. I am surprised she wasn't around to break up that fracas. Though it is probably better this way so Ven didn't end up with a broken nose or jail time... or both."