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I know. Just thought I'd mention (and no, I'm not going to make my gender easier to ascertain. Where's the fun in that?)

Also, another form of scaling that should be looked at is... don't have a term for it. But basically, scale based on the number of feats you've got of a given type.

For an example, look up Aberrant feats.
I think that Combat Focus feats work the same way (they have one effect at first, then get a greater effect with X number of them), as well as luck feats (each feat gives extra uses of luck, in addition to the new usage for your luck pool).

These have the potential to be cool, but still run into the problem of not going far enough, and as a result usually falling behind even regular feats. I'm pretty sure I've seen fighter feat fixes dependent on how many fighter feats you already have, but I couldn't give the name for any of them (they all start to run together after the first 5 or 6 years).