Do I? Red watches Jubrayl's back as he swaggers away. Her Tien eyes narrow to dark slits as she thinks of that time, nearly a year ago - when she'd nearly been sent back to the Hells, to languish for a brutal highway robbery she hadn't committed. Only Rico's belief in her innocence and willingness to dig beyond the facts had saved her. And as for who on this side of Varisia had the resources and means to make up a scheme like that...

All she had to go on was a single visit in the holding cells from Jubrayl himself, where he'd smiled and told her that he was sure that her sister would be heartbroken to hear that she'd done such a terrible thing. Only two kinds of people knew who Red's sister was - Guards and Sczarni. And since Jubrayl was most definitely not a watchman...

Reflexively, Red glances down at her the palm of her left hand. The ritual prison brand at the base of her thumb had faded over the years, but the pale raised edges of the Chelish letters - C - O - R - are still faintly visible, even by moonlight.

"...He is Sczarni. He is powerful. He... knows people... who do not like... my sister," she says quietly to Setsuna, before continuing in a lower voice, almost ashamed. "I nearly... went to the Hells. ...Again. Because of him."

The newcomer's offer of a rum ham is a welcome distraction from her past and Red does not bother to pursue the subject. Smiling shyly at the others, she follows them to the Rusty Dragon without objection. All the same, she can't help checking worriedly over her shoulder as they go - just in case Jubrayl has sent his men to follow them.


GM post

With Brin in the lead and no sign of Rico just yet, you all continue on to the Rusty Dragon, where the late night drinking regulars are in full swing by now. The sight of Setsuna walking in through the doors does elicit a few whistles and table-slaps from the clientele but otherwise, Ameiko's customers are far too genial to bother with teasing the tiefling about her recent encounter with Ven Vinder.

As luck would have it for Brin, it turns out that the people you've decided to share your ham with happen to be the survivors of the band who saved both Sandpoint and Ameiko from a nasty goblin attack two weeks ago. There is no question of Ameiko kicking you out of the Rusty Dragon while you're hanging out with them. (Though if you still don't pay your bills on time, there's no telling what Ameiko might do once you're out of their company...)

For despite the packed dining room, a quick wave to catch the attention of one of the serving maids quickly secures your group a decent-sized table (still slightly sticky with spilled malt beer) in the corner. Without having to ask, the group is soon plied with cold drinks, spicy sausage, and a basket of crisp rolls and cheese. A request to have the rum ham warmed up is cheerfully complied with and soon enough, Ven's late weapon returns, artfully sliced up on a plate and dripping with glaze.

The chatter of the booze-warmed crowd is convivial and those of you who elect to start first on your victuals enjoy the hearty supper. As the second empty seat at your table and the lone sheet of parchment tacked to the wall with a pearl-handled dagger might attest, however, there is one missing from your number.