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    Default Re: Scaling Fighter Feats: Know Any Good Ones? Any Advice for Making Them?

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    You could also base the scaling on Psionic Body, like I did: each feat is of specified type(s), and supports other feats of related type(s) by giving them both bigger numbers and new functions.

    Tying the progression to number and type of feats also has the side-effect of making the scaling more useful to the Fighter as written. It also creates an easier-to-understand optimization framework. Having a hard time choosing what feat to pick for this level? Worry not, just pick a feat of type that is shared by most of your previous feats, that way all of them become more powerful.
    As much as the idea is quite good, it still feels a bit like it's shoehorning characters into something alike to feat chains - and having taken a look at your feats I feel too many of them give just scalling numerical bonuses, with too small number of them offering new in-combat options.
    For me it's either to give much more new options right off the bat, then gradually enhance them to stay relevant or, if going the scaling-off-X route, give the options without needing further investition.
    I know it's actually hard to invent something else they might be doing - At least I had this problem when creating my reworked feats.

    Overall, it seems that first we must come to a consensus what a feat means - something we "just can do", and to do something else, even if similar, we must take anoter feat, or something we're "gradually getting better at and exploring new possibilities", thus opening the feats that gradually give out more options. It comes down to a design choice of course.

    And having said that, I never actually got to post mine on the Homebrew forums. I guess I'll do that soon.
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