Frowning at Red's explaination, Setsuna doesn't say anything but instead looks off after where Jubrayl disappeared to. I trust Red, but is he really a bad man? Maybe there was a mistake... Realizing Red doesn't want to talk about it any further right now, nearly three weeks with the rogue was long enough for the tiefling to usually figure out when she didn't want to talk about a particular topic, she lets the conversation die as they make their way back to the Rusty Dragon.


Perhaps because her judgement was already impaired by the incident she'd just escaped from, or perhaps because of the third trait listed on the Placard; Drink to remember, not to forget, Setsuna has wine for herself, preferring it to the taste of cheaper ales. Not knowing anything at all about Brin besides what the elf had mentioned about herself on their walk over, the half-elven tiefling asks about what brings her to Sandpoint, and how long she intended to stay.