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    Physical Traits & Appearance

    Esiriae are humanoid beings that have grey skin, often pale, and eyes lacking pupils or whites which are often blue, red, gold, violet, and orange. Esiriae often have black, brown, maroon, or even purple hair. Esiriae have serpentine or reptilian tails, and some possess claws and horns.
    The average esirie stands about 6 to 7 feet tall, and weighs 130 to 160 pounds.

    Skills and Abilities
    Esiriae are skilled in hunting and stealth. they are dextrous, cunning, and light on their feet. the average esirie possess a few abilities:
    •A esirie is able to turn intangible, but to do do they must concentrate. They can not turn objects intangible, including clothes!

    •Esiriae are far more likely than other races to have magical potential. However, they are weak to divine energy.

    •Esiriae cannot set foot into a temple or other sacred location without suffering a sharp, burning pain as they are in the location.

    Long ago, there was the great human kingdom of Aurelain, famous for it's prominent mage and clerical colleges. The members of these colleges often worked together, exploring the land to collect artifacts and study the world and it's planes.
    It's no surprise they dug too deep.
    On an expedition to a ruined city, a group led by Hecatae Eyrecrad laid siege to a temple defended by a horde of clerics of assorted races. When they slaughtered the defenders, Hecatae and the remaining members seized a large black blade. A booming voice spoke to them.
    They were told they had slaughtered the remaining clergy of an ancient god of darkness and defiled his holy ground. For this action, the group members and their offspring were forever cursed to bear the burden of becoming an esirie. The large number of esirie created were ostracized and discriminated against, and they rose up and attempted to seize the nation for themselves. The nation fell due to this, but many esirie fled via portals. They were sloppily constructed, causing countless errors. Many ended up in the nexus because of this.

    Eyrecrad Clan

    The Eyrecrad Clan is a clan of Esiriae in Southside, Riverside. Their Emblem is a violet dragon.

    Talos Eyrecrad
    Leader of the Eyrecrad Clan.
    Gender: Male
    Race: Esiriae
    Age: 34
    Class: Warlord
    Power Level: B+

    Talos is very pragmatic and strategically minded. He is smart and wise, and is a bit of a glutton. Talos is very patient.

    Appearance: Talos has dark grey skin, a serpentine tail, and brown hair in a Mohawk. His eyes are golden orbs, and he is often clad in black armor with the symbol of his clan on his breastplate and a glaive on his back.

    Abilities: See above, skilled diplomat and general, excels in combat with polearms.

    Ezra Eyrecrad
    Slave of Eyrecrad Clan
    Gender: Female
    Race: Esiriae.
    Age: 16
    Class: Slave
    Power Level: E-

    Appearance: Ezra wears a simple purple tunic and black shorts. She is barefoot, and her gray skin is rather pale. Ezra's eyes are green, and her hair is dark violet in color and worn loosely, reaching to her chest. She has a reptilian tail.

    Personality:Ezra is very timid and submissive due to years of being raised to obey her master. She has a fondness for foxes and violets.

    Abilities: Racial abilities.

    Fenris Eyrecrad
    Weapon master of Eyrecrad Clan
    Gender: Male
    Race Esirie
    Age: 42
    Profession: Weaponmaster
    Power Level: B-

    Appearance: Fenris's grey skin is very dark, making him easily mistakable for a drow. His orb-like eyes are bright blue, in contrast with his raven black hair. Fenris almost always wears his grey leather armor, reinforced with an adamantine chestplate, shin guards, elbow guards, boots, and gauntlets. In battle, he often dons a similarly reinforced leather helmet that leaves only his eyes visible. Fenris has a long serpentine tail and ram's horns.
    Personality: Fenris is solitary, preferring isolation from his fellow clan members. He is extremely focused on perfecting his skill in combat with every weapon and training the other mrmbers of the clan if requested,
    [B]Equipment:[B] An arsenal of every melee weapon imaginable, a pistol, and a rifle.
    Abilities: Racial abilities, combat prowess.

    Aurum Eyrecrad
    Ninja of Eyrecrad Clan
    Gender: Male
    Race: half Esirie, half High Elf
    Age: 25
    Power Level: C

    Appearance Aurum's skin has a slight golden hue, hence his name, and his eyes are gold as well. His snakelike tail is significantly shorter than others of his race. He wears dark purple cloth garments with black leather reinforcements, a bandolier full of crossbow bolts with a satchel holding vials of poison and smoke grenades.
    Personality: Aurum is rather social, and has earned the title of "unofficial greeter of Eyrecrad Estate". He is quick-witted and loves reading.
    Equipment Knives, poisons, smoke grenades, a hand crossbow, crossbow bolts, matches "in case of rival ninja"
    Abilities racial abilities except for weakness to divine energy, skilled in stealth and lock picking.
    Misc. Is gay. Here to remind me just in case.

    Argentia Eyrecrad

    Gunmage of Eyrecrad Clan
    Played by C'nor
    Gender: Female
    Race: Esiriae
    Age: 22
    Profession: Gunmage
    Power Level: B

    Appearance: Tall, even for an Esirae, coming in at a little over eight feet, and thin, with ashen skin, and golden eyes, Argentia is a rather striking woman, to say the least... And that's before one takes in the pair of sweeping black horns or the dark grey claws.

    She usually wears a specially-made set of leather clothes, mottled with black, grey, and dark purple, meant to offer a mix of armor and stealth.

    Personality: Argentia is... Odd. Very dedicated, but hard to read beyond that; even her clan tends to have a hard time getting a handle on her.

    She's extremely loyal, though, they know that much, or at least, she's certainly acted that way, and that paired with her skills is enough for them to keep her around.

    Abilities: Argentia's abilities are twofold; first, she can perform physical feats that ought to be impossible, such as running up a wall or reacting unnaturally fast.

    Second, she can channel magic through guns, using them as foci, with effects dependent on the weapon.

    Equipment: A long-barrreled revolver, Justice.

    Rounds fired from Justice seek their targets, until they strike something, within reason, and allow her to see through them.

    On its barrel are inscribed the following lines, the first on the left, the second on the top, the third on the right, and, finally, the last on the bottom:

    "Cursed Oathbreakers, your honor's in pawn
    And worthless the vows you have made,
    Justice shall see you where others have gone,
    Delivered to those you betrayed!"
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