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    Taking a seat at the table, Taladron was eager to begin his meal. Before that though, he felt like he should clear up some confusion first. "I believe Sirus asked if you were and 'arcanist' not an 'anarchist'. For instance, can you do this?" With a word and a pointed finger one of the rolls rises up from the basket and drifts lazily to Taladron's hand. While he fills up his plate with food Taladron continues to speak, "Also in response to your question, we are sitting with a few local celebrities since the goblin attack a few weeks ago and a more recent assault on a goblin lair which I was imprisoned in. I don't know all the details since, as I said, I have known them only recently, but they seem to be quite popular with the locals... Save perhaps the occasional angry grocer." At his last comment he flashes Setsuna a friendly smirk before beginning to dig into his meal. "By the way I am Taladron. Do you have a name or should we just call you Pharasmin?"
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