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    At Sirus's mention of Cipriano, Red bows her head, staring down into her brimming tankard of mead.

    She'd thought about Mister Fox a lot in the past two weeks. She hadn't known him all that well, and he hadn't known her much either. But he'd always been kind to her. More than that, he'd saved her, choosing to die instead of her. That wasn't the sort of thing you could pay back.

    Red runs her finger along the edge of her tankard, drawing a dark line through the beads of condensation on the side. Setsuna had said that the best way to pay Mister Fox back was to live well. She had to try. Because not everyone got a second chance.

    Glancing up across the table at the newcomer, who is currently tucking into the ham with gusto, Red breathes out quietly, a sad smile touching the corners of her lips. "We helped Miss Ameiko... But we couldn't save our... friend. Tonight. We drink to him."

    Gently clinking the base of her tankard against the mug of anyone else willing, Red drains the lot, her eyes fixed on the parchment fluttering forlornly on the wall.

    Mister Cayden, gather him as one of your best.
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