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    "My name is Brin," she responds to Taladron, "and you mean there's a difference? Surely your floating roll flies in the face of many natural laws and regulations. That's sort of the point of the arcane, isn't it? Acquiring power and knowledge otherwise forbidden to mortals?" She responds to Taldaran between bite of ham, irked at her previous error. "That is to say, I don't do anything. I ask Pharasma for certain little favors, and she usually sees fit to grant them."

    "Like this. You see?" Brin draws some tobacco and a ten inch churchwarden pipe from a pouch on the side of her pack--one that can't be more than half that depth. She loads the pipe with a deft motion and mutters, "Lady of Souls, please forgive this vulgar display of your favor, but I beseech you to set this tobacco smoldering." As she completes the request with a formulaic prayer, a thin trail of smoke wafts up from the bowl of the pipe.

    But any satisfaction is immediately squelched when Sirus and Red reveal that they're here to honor a dead friend. She hide her discomfort well--conducting oneself properly around mourners is something a cleric of Pharasma learns early. Brin raises a glass with the others at Red's toast and holds her tongue for a respectful interval afterwards.

    But Sirus's earlier statement sticks with her. Before long, she turns back to him, "You're one of the faithful, as well?" It's hard to tell whether this pleases her or not. "You're right that all debts are added up in the final accounting, but some carry more weight than others. She cares most about debts of death, undeath, and fate denied. The debts which she collects herself. Fall behind on those and find your judgement truly unpleasant."

    "The rest, well, the judgement isn't just about punishment, but about finding a place where your soul fits best. One soul's bliss is another's bane. If you continually deny your true self in life, you may wind up doing it in the afterlife as well."
    She finishes by dumping the ashes from her pipe into an empty tankard.

    "But this is a celebration of your friend's life. I know as well as anyone that now isn't the best time for such a discussion. Perhaps I should take my leave..."
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