"...Yes. He did. Party." Red nods slowly in confirmation. Which reminded her...

Excusing herself, Red wends her way to the bar and waits patiently for Ameiko to catch a free moment between serving drinks. She wasn't Mister Fox. She wouldn't shout this aloud to the entire tavern. But it was something he'd have done. Fishing two gold pieces out of her belt, Red pushes them across the bar table to Ameiko, who picks them up questioningly, quirking an eyebrow.

Red picks up an empty glass, turning it over in her hands. What would Cipriano have said? Ah, yes.

"... A pint... of beer. For everyone here. For Cayden Cailean..." She places the glass gently back down on the bar top, smiling wistfully by way of explanation. "...and Sandpoint. It is... the fourteenth day."

Thanking Ameiko and leaving her to do the serving, Red rejoins the others at the table, sipping on honeywine and gnawing on a bread roll. She would usually have slipped outside for a breather by now, but it was a special occasion and it wouldn't do to leave the table.