Joining Red's toast, the tiefling continues to drink while listening to Brin's conversation with the others. At her offer to leave however, Setsuna sides with Sirus, "That is right, he would have preferred we not chase company away, you should stay even if you did not know him. We know his final judgement was a fair one at least..."Before remembering how sad she was when he passed on however, Red returns with 'free' alcohol right behind her, reminding Setsuna more of the first night Cipriano was with them and bringing a small smile to her face.

Accepting her share of the pint that Red had just bought everyone, while wary of the simple beer at first, eventually finishes her wine and starts drinking from it. It was just as her face started to get flushed, from the alcohol, rather than embarrassment for a change, that she finally noticed the remnants of the brand on Red's finger. Not wanting to broach a sensitive topic tactlessly, but having few inhibitions to begin with and a few drinks already down, the tiefling's present level of tact is a bit lacking as she whispers an aside to Red with a tone of mixed curiosity and concern. Motioning to her branded hand she asks, "Is that from...before you met Rico-san?"

Before Red has a chance to answer however, the half-orcess makes her appearance at their table, having snuck in while Setsuna wasn't looking. At the constable's good evening, the tipsy tiefling returns the greeting with an additional "Is every thing alright?"