Somewhat taken aback by Setsuna's abrupt question, Red almost neglects to notice Rico's arrival, recovering just in time to pat Rico's arm and smile up at her best friend in welcome. Nevertheless, she gives the question due consideration, taking her time as she nibbles the crust off her bread roll. She'd learned by now that Setsuna had a tendency to ask difficult questions without realising that they were difficult to answer.

Still, it was a fair question. And it was probably better for her companions to hear it from her own mouth rather than from someone else.

Red inclines her head, swallowing before she replies in a quiet but clear voice. "...Yes. From when I... stole things. In Magnimar... I was caught. If you do not have... protection... from a gang, you go to the Hells. To jail. This... is how they keep track of you. It will tell... any watchman... what you have done." Breathing out heavily, Red catches Sirus's eye from across the table, then glances at Setsuna, a faint self-deprecating smile playing at her lips. "I am not a very good thief. Sellswording... is easier. There is more blood... but less guilt."