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    Default DM's campaign log- Wrath Of The Righteous (PF & spoliers!)

    After a long run (25 sessions), we had to put the campaign on hiatus, for an unknown period of time. We played up to nearly the end of the 4th module in the AP (Just before entering the Nyhandrian mines on Colphyr), We got up to level 15, Mythic tier 6.
    The last 1-2 posts of the log include some ideas for the rest of the campaign.

    I am no longer updating the log, except to answer questions and comments. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks!


    Welcome to another campaign log! My group is short on time, mainly for DMs, so we have finally decided to try a pre-made campaign. Hearing decent things about PF, wanting to try the system (We're all 3.5 veterans, but not PF), and wanting something of an epic scale that will span all levels, we decided on Wrath Of The Righteous Adventure path.

    I'm the DM, and as such the campaign log will include not just the story, but also DMing matters- choices of planning, of the gameד in session, and other such matters. If you are familiar with my previous logs (See sig if interested), than you know what to expect.

    A few short warnings though

    1) if you wish to play the campaign, I suggest not reading this log, as it will contain spoilers. If you are going to DM it? Well, you're welcome. Note that in various points I have made quite a few changes, since I thought that... well... things as written do not suffice. I hope this will make things more interesting.
    2) The log assumes you have some knowledge of the setting and situation, I will not go into full details of everything. Otherwise it will be way too long.
    3) We don't meet that often. about once every 3-4 weeks, which means that updates are somewhat long off. No one more than me wish I had a chance to update sooner!
    4) I tend to write fairly extensively. Some people like it, some people don't. Some people who read through my logs think they are worth the read, but I'm not really in a position to know.

    In this first post I will detail the beginning characters and our basic house rules (If you're really interested). The second one will be kept for quick navigation reference, and in the third I will start the actual log.

    Player Characters
    (Despite telling the players to build up background and connections in Kenabres, few did so. Real life can be a hassle at times. We intend to potentially "fill in the gaps" as we go along)
    We used the 25 points buy, this supposed to be an Eic Campaign and all... Level 1

    Andrew McClain, Aasimar paladin of Iomedae
    Andrew is an angel-kin Aasimar, who's mother got pregnant with him while on the second crusade. He was born somewhat... different, and fearing the witch hunts his mother gave him to the church of Iomedae as a way to ensure that he is good and not dangerous. Andrew wishes to return the glory of Iomedae to the partially corrupt Kenabres, and to emulate the glory of his goddess. He fights with a long sword and a light spiked shield. The player has taken a crusader- type alternate racial feature.
    Campaign Trait: Child of the crusades.
    In the previous campagins: He played Red on the Eberron campaign, Jenny on the apocalyptic FATE campaign, and DMed "It began with a crash".

    Senatef Aberdeen, Aasimar Cleric of Sarenrae
    Yes, another Aasimar . This one however took the human scion alternate racial feature, and thus appear like a human, and is less scrutinized. Senatef, or Sena as people often call him, comes from a modestly wealthy family in Kenabres, distantly related to Andrew. (The two characters know each other) Senatef has always felt a close connection to Sarenrae, and took to her teachings easily, seeking to bring moderation and help to the crusading effort. He is often cautious, thoughtful, and ever watchful (Very high perception and sense motive). His family, displeased by the road Kenabres was heading towards, established the Knights of The Sovereign Order Of Sarenrae. (I'm still trying to figure out how to fit this order), which mostly practice temperance. The player is usually accustomed to playing bastards and vagabonds, so this is a bit different.
    Campaign trait: Touched by divinity (Protection from evil)
    In the previous campaigns: Ipix and Gabriel on the Eberron Campaign, D*ck mighty in the apocalyptic FATE campaign and Killpi in the "it began with a crash" campaign.

    Harry, human evoker
    The player wishes mostly to... kill stuff, and blow up what he can't kill. His evoker is definitely primed that way. He didn't give a lot about information about Harry, except that he is a very shy, timid and inexperience young wizard, but with a lot of power to him. For looks think of Harry Potter in the movies. (I think this is where the similarity will end). His arcane bond is to his wand. Banned schools are Enchantment and Illusion.
    Campaign trait: Riftwarden Orphan
    In the previous campaigns: He played Google and Grum in the Eberron campaign, The mutant and Bob in the Fate campaign, and Ayla the healer in "it began with a crash".

    Andera, foreign human ninja
    Now, other than him playing a TWF ninja I didn't know anything of the character till the actual session (Not like the player, he usually provides quite extensive info). He is a black human from a foreign country, who came to fight in the crusades for... some reason? I hope he will fill me up till next session. Fights with tow Wakizashi.
    Campaign trait: Chance encounter.
    In previous campaigns: He played Danves in the Eberron campaign, The preacher in the apocalyptic FATE campaign, and Glimji in the "it began with a crash" game.

    John, Human ranger, two handed fighting
    This is a very new player, been with us partly on the fate campaign, trying to now learn PF. We' unsure if she'll continue with us for long, since her real life is quite busy and she found little time to go over any of the material. Her character was being built in the socializing stage of the session. So far I know she wanted some sort of fighter with lots of skills, and that can deal great amounts of damage. Enter 2.1 meter John, rippling muscles with his great sword, and that his favored enemy is evil outsiders.
    Campaign Trait: this was currently left empty till she figure things out a bit better.
    In previous campaigns: The madam on the FATE game.

    Some house rules
    (Not that important, read if interested)
    1) Players roll all the dice:
    I as DM roll no dice. Instead of monster attack rolls, there are PC defense rolls, instead of monster saves, there is spell/ power roll, and so on. DCs are known in most cases, or told once the decision to roll has been made. The main effects are:
    - I can't fudge dice, and this gives the game more credibility, an enhanced sense of danger, and it takes things to unexpected places, which is always cool.
    - A major time saver (5 players roll the attacks against them way faster then one DM rolling all dice). It also helps me keep my concentration on the battle instead of just numbers.
    - It had made battles quite more engaging and tactical, with the players feeling they understand better the odds, and have more control of the battle.

    2) "Roll with what may":
    I am a great believer in introducing outside influence into the game, forcing you to react and improvise, and create things you didn't expect. There is no "Foregone conclusion" in most cases. If the players are smart enough, or lucky enough, they can take things in places I didn't expect. I love it when it happens! There is a DC, and it's fine if it succeeds, it's fine if it fails.

    3) "All is possible, not all is easy":
    I try to allow players to try any plan they want, but I try to put off resistance and challenge according to what they come up with. Some things are simpler, some are less...

    4) HP:
    One each level the player rolls. If they come up with less than half, they take the "high end of the average" (for a d8 it's 5 hp for example). This gives a bit higher than average hp total, but not by much.

    5) Diplomacy:
    We use The Giant's excellent diplomacy rules revision. It had served us well in the past. HIGHLY recommended!

    6) Identifying monsters:
    We take a bit of a different view of monster knowledge, mostly based on what we assume is the monster's rarity. Success in the knowledge skill gives the most noteworthy "shtick" of the monster, plus two other abilities/ defenses/ powers or such. for each 3 above the DC, they learn 2 more pieces of info.

    Ok! Time to get to it then!
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