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    Default Re: DM's campaign log- Wrath Of The Righteous (PF & spoliers!)

    The Worldwound Incursion

    Session 1, part 1- When all hell brakes loose! (Literaly)
    Session 1, part 2- Journey through Kenabres' underground

    Session 2, Part 1- Mongrel alliance, Mongrel clash
    Session 2, part 2- Battle with Hosila and her minions.

    Session 3, Part 1- The way out, Blackwing library
    Session 3, part 2- Deeper into ruined Kenabres

    Session 4, part 1- From Topaz Solutions to Anevia's home
    Session 4, part 2- Of Halls, Mentors, Heroes and The sword!

    Level 4 crunch

    Session 5, First part- Defender's Heart, Tower of Estrod.
    Session 5, Second part- Final preparations, War Council, Approaching the Gray Garrison

    Session 6, Part 1- Into the Gray Garrison, Battle with Othirubo
    Session 6, part 2- Second floor, The Schir and the desert demon

    Session 7, Part 1- Battle over the Wardstone fragment, Areelu's temptation

    Spoiler: The Worldwound Incursion Soundtrack
    Our "The Worldwound Incursion" soundtrack
    Music Related Scene
    United we stand, divided we fall Clydewell Plazea battle (Opening battle)
    Northern pastures Relaxing at Neathholem
    Freedom Fighters Reaching the surface, seeing ruined Kenabres
    Atrium Carceri Ambiance for exploring ruiend Kenabres
    Full metal jacket- ruins Tension exploring ruined Kenabres
    Another Atrium Carceri soundtrack More exploring Kenabres
    Archangel Hall of Heroes battle music
    Heart of courage Defender's Heart
    Colossal (2,000) Defender's Heart
    Quake- Damnation The Grey Garrison- slow
    Power of Darkness The Grey Garrison- fast paced
    Requiem for soprano, mezzo soprano TheGrey Garrison- swarms/ souls. soul swarms
    United we stand, divided we fall Also for the final battle
    To Glory! Final battle
    Queen- We are the champions End credits

    The Sword of Valor

    Session 7, part 2- Level ups, Interlude, Interview with the queen, and the arrival of Julian

    Homebrew tactical mass combat rules. (A different thread)
    Armies and commanders of Kenabres

    Session 8, part 1- The making of an army!
    Session 8- Part 2- Battle at Vilareth ford

    Session 9, Part 1- Battle of Keeper's Canyon
    Session 9, part 2- First troubles, Approach to The Lost Chappel

    Session 10, part 1- Reclaiming the Temple of Welcomed Night
    Session 10, part 2- Trouble at the camp, Battle of the Bloody Sands

    Session 11, Part 1- Vescavor remains, A dispute at the approach
    Session 11, Part 2- assault on the Drezen environs3
    Session 11, Part 3- Reassessing & the tower assault!

    Level 7, Mythic tier 1 statistics

    Session 12, part 1- Nightly retaliation and John's "trial"
    Session 12, part 2- The Bridge, Nurah, Soltengrabbe and the attack on Drezen!

    Between session 12 & 13 (Containing info relevant for session 13)
    Session 13, Part 1- Matters of trust, entering Drezen
    Session 13, part 2- The halls of Drezen, visions of the past

    Session 14, part 1- The search for The Sword of Valor, Chorussia, Sena's call
    Session 14, Part 2- The search continues, Kirandia, Getting lost.
    Session 14, part 3- The "Inside" Drezen, The choice, Shadow demon, Staunton Vhane

    Spoiler: The Sword of Valor Soundtrack
    Our "The Sword of Valor" soundtrack
    Music Related Scene
    Black moon chronicles track 7 Army march music
    Fly swarm sounds Vescavor swarm
    All drums go to hell- buildingjumper Drezen environs battle music
    Dragon roar sound effect (a few roars) Soltengrabbe roars, for build up
    Dragon roar sound effect (One roar) Soltengrabbe roars, for build up.
    Lion roar sound effect Soltengrabbe roar, for build up.
    Some dramatic music Commander John's trial- dramatic music.
    Audiomachine- Kill em all Soltengrabbe battle music
    Attack on titan- Shingeki no Kyojin Soltengrabbe battle music
    Dark Ages Final attack on Drezen
    Heart of courage- extended After conquering Drezen, before the Citadel
    Blackblade- 2 steps from hell Gate of Drezen battle
    Fallout New Vegas- End theme Exploring Drezen
    The Grisly Grotto- Quake 1 Exploring Drezen
    Dragon age- 63 Deep roads Explore Exploring Drezen
    Titan dune, 2 steps from hell Drezen battle music
    Mercy in Darkness- 2 steps from hell Sword of Valor
    The hall of souls- Quake 1 Whispers od madness0- Dungeon/ "Inside" Drezen
    He who brings the night- 2 steps from hell Shadow Demon fight
    Blackblade- 2 steps from hell Staunton Vhane battle

    Demon's Heresy

    Group talk- dynamics, drama vs. action, roleplay and more
    Session 15, Part 1- Downtime around the ruins of Drezen
    Session 15, part 2- New arrivals to Drezen, Into the wild, Mad dog's Challenge!

    Session 16, Part 1- Dragon's hoard, Canyon of legends, Celebration with a finale
    Session 16, Part 2- Lord of the Swarms, Random Encounters, Demonic dealings

    Session 17- The lost expedition

    Session 18- Paradox, trip to Drezen, Arulashee's redoubt (Plus table of characters for level 11/tier 4)

    Session 19- Sena's vision of the future, Battle of The Ivory Sanctum

    Spoiler: Demon's Heresy Soundtrack
    Our "Demon's Heresy" soundtrack
    Music Related Scene
    Carry on- Tom Evens Emerging from Drezen
    Conan- Atlantean sword Early Drezen- rebuilding till reinforcements arrive
    Lord of The Rings- Twilight and Shadow Sena's temple theme
    Conan- Mountain of power procession Reinforcements arriving at Drezen!
    Conan- Theology/ Civilization Drezen town "normal business" music
    Soundtrack of Wasteland 2 Wildrensess exploration
    Medieval Anthem - Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream Drezen Celebrations
    bees buzzing - sound effect Lord of the Swarms area and battle
    Titan dune- 2SfH Lost expedition- Battle of the corrupted thane tree
    Shadow of Mordor- Queen of the shore Lost Expedition- exploration music
    Power of Darkness- 2SfH Lost Expedition- room of horrors
    Archangel- 2SfH Lost Expedition- The Fallen Fane (Golem battle)
    Underworld - Come Scientist Destroy, Frankenstein Music Guardian of Paradox
    Battle From Hell mix Ivory Sanctum Battle music 1
    Unchained Ivory Sanctum Vattle music 2

    Mid Campaign Interlude- Night of the Purge, Julian's Ascension

    Session 20, Part 1- Mid Campaign Interlude: Loot, Rebuild, Revelations, Arulashee's Path
    Session 20, Part 2- Mid Campaign Interlude: Lessons and trials of Paradox, Night of The Purge

    Session 21, Part 1- Julian's ascension

    Spoiler: Mid Campaign Interlude Soundtrack
    Our "Mid Campaign Interlude" soundtrack
    Music Related Scene
    Sky Titans, from Nemesis, Two Steps from Hell Victory music upon returning to Drezen
    Shadow of Mordor: The Caragors Night of The Purge
    Underworld- Come scientist destroy, Frankenstein play Lessons and visions of Paradox

    The Midnight Isles

    Session 21, Part 2- Preparing for the Abyss
    Session 21, Part 3- Attack on the Midnight Fane

    Level 13, Mythic Tier 5 table

    Session 22, Part 1- Into the Abyss, Vazgral island
    Session 22, Part 2- Getting to know Porphyry City
    Session 22, Part 3- Porphyry, Way to the Flesh Markets, Cliffhanger!

    Session 23, Part 1- Minhago's trickery!
    Session 23, Part 2- Desperation, planning, and shadowy dealings
    Session 23, Part 3- Short tempers, Rupture of Rapture, The Battle Bliss arena

    Session 24, Part 1- Mayhem under the Battle Bliss arena
    Session 24, Part 2- Nocticula's palace, Start of Demonic Negotiations
    Session 24, Part 3- The Negotiations Intensify, A Feast, Odd Delights.
    Session 24, Part 4- Dances, A change, Final Negotiations

    Level 15, Mythic Tier 6

    Session 25, Part 1- Last dealings with Nocticula, boons and departing
    Session 25, Part 2- Ambush on the shadow path, Coplhyr and Melazmera

    Ending posts, Part 1- Why did we stop? Challenges running the campaign
    Ending posts, Part 2- Rough sketches for the rest of the campaign. Where do we go from here?

    Spoiler: The Midnight Isles Soundtrack
    Our Midnight Isles soundtrack
    Music Related Scene
    Diablo II- Jungle Vazgral island- Jungle music
    Diablo II- Hell Vazgral island- Jungle music 2
    Diablo II- Kurast Vazgral island- Ruins
    Planescape Torment full soundtrack! Porphyry City, background music
    Tantric music collection Brothel music (The Inn and Out)
    1 hour of Arabian and Egyptian music Rupture of Rapture
    10 Epic songs collection mix Battle Bliss arena fight
    Dreamgasm 4 (Sweet spells of suxsex) Nocticula's Palace music
    Passion and Sensuality Binural Beats Meditation Music Nocticula's theme (Audiance)
    Scary Heartbeat Sound Effect On Killing...
    Spectral Realm Whisper Voices On Secrets...
    Two Steps From Hell - Blackheart Leaves in The Storm dance
    Camille Saint-SaŽns - Danse Macabre Dance of The Dead
    Enigma- Principles of Lust On Desire...
    Posthaste music- Imminent Danger Showdown with Minhago, Shadow path ambush
    Diablo 1- caves music island of Colphyr

    No more current logs folks. At least not for now...

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