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    Since that day, my heart feels empty and cold. Weak and dead. I tried to resist these feelings, to forgive him... But in truth, he doesn't deserve to exist at all! And if I must sacrifice my life and become like him, only to make their death mean something, then I will do it, and I will go with a smile, because I will have done the right thing.

    Hate is a powerful thing. It motivates survival, pushing a man to the edge of what his mind and body can endure, only to mortally betray him. The frail minds of mortals were not meant to understand how that simply feeling could turn a loving father, friend or wife into a killer at a moment's notice. The reasons that urge a person to hate another are multiple, but unlike anger, hatred is always a deliberate decision from the person's part. Some make that decision almost immediately after a dramatic event in their life. Most are first scared when they realize they hate someone, but after questioning themselves for extended periods of time, they eventually accept it anyway. Then, the people who decided to hate will cultivate that feeling, filling with it any emotional hole they may have. And finally, these people will use their hate to keep them alive at any cost while they put all remaining efforts to fulfill their need to harm its source... and eventually kill it.

    But not all people feel hate equally. All emotions are more intense in those touched by the Monster – the so-called Teramach. Likewise, people who are familiar with the energies of the dead and the cold sometimes realize that their hate draws from and changes into these same energies. Hate is cold, and everywhere it goes, it brings death with it. In these very few people indeed, these things are so mixed up that their hate literally devours their body heat and their life force. Due to their relatively common desire for revenge toward the source of their hate, and due to the particular kind of energy they unleash, these people are known amongst scholars as Uttercold Retributors.

    To become an Uttercold Retributor, one must first have a connection with one of the many legendary beings or events that happened at the beginning of the world, before any recorded history. Following that, the candidate must feel hatred in its purest form, and stick to it. Finally, if the character isn't undead, he must deliberately renounce to using positive energy to fuel his metabolism and replace it with negative energy. When all of these requirements are meet, the character's very hate manifests physically in a form reminiscent of uttercold, the mix of cold and negative energy.

    Base Attack Bonus: +7
    Mythos: Either Cold-Hearted Hatred of Life or Deathly Body of Uttercold (see below)
    Special: The candidate must hold a grudge against a specific individual or small group of individuals who wronged him (or which he perceived as having wronged him), and he must have actively worked to wreak vengeance against them since at least a year.
    Special: Must be healed by negative energy (either through the Tomb-Tainted Soul feat (Libris Mortis) or actually being undead).

    Spoiler: New Mythos

    Cold-Hearted Hatred of Life
    [Fantastic Mythos][Teramach Mythos]
    Prerequisite: -

    The Monster is a burning atrocity of anger in an eternal spray of carnage. It couldn't care less about the enemies that are not within its line of sight. But you are not the Monster. You are motivated by hate, not murder alone. And you never forget your enemies.

    Creatures and objects that you hit with a natural weapons and those that hit you with a melee attack are exposed to the chill hatred within your heart. The target of your attack or the appendage or weapon used by your enemy (whichever is applicable) take 1d6 points of cold damage (creatures attacking you with a natural weapon that does not count as a separate appendage take the damage directly). Anyone implied in a grapple with you take 2d6 points of damage on your turn each round (this damage also applies to objects or appendages intended to hamper your movement, such as a roper's strand). While physical contact with your body is a great medium for the chill power of your hate, creatures that target you with a thought detection, mind control, or telepathic ability take 1d6 points of cold damage as well (if such character is using a magic item to read your mind, both the item and the user take damage). This does not prevent the use of these abilities against you, only punishes those who might try it. Cold damage against objects is reduced to a quarter of its original value, as normal.

    Destruction of the Inner Fear: No danger is too great. No adversary is too strong. No fear is too debilitating to stand in the way of your hate. You are immune to fear effects. In addition, characters that target you with a thought detection, mind control, or telepathic ability take an additional 1d6 points of cold damage (to a total of 2d6).

    True Harm Is Irredeemable: When you are in rage and would be normally limited to specific priority targets by another Mythos (such as Retribution Will Follow), you may treat anyone who ever was one of your priority targets as still being one, even if that person did nothing to you recently. Thus, those that were priority targets from an earlier rage remain priority targets for the current rage.

    Onslaught of the Chill Vitality: When in rage, you add your Constitution modifier (if positive) to the cold damage dealt by this Mythos. This effect is only applied once, even if you are under multiple rage effects.

    Deathly Body of Uttercold
    [Fantastic Mythos][Kathodos and Olethrofex Mythos]
    Prerequisite: Tomb-Tainted Soul feat (LM) or Undead type.
    Special: This Mythos is on the list of both the Kathodos and Olethrofex classes. Characters from either class can take it. Kathodos characters who do not have access to Fantastic Mythos from the Olethrofex class and do not have levels in the Uttercold Retributor prestige class treat this Mythos as an [Internal][Water] Mythos.

    Death is cold. Corpses are cold. And so was the Abomination and all thing which followed its path into undeath. But there are other forms of cold in the world. Through studying of the arcane connections between cold, death and undeath, you infused your body with uttercold, an energy found where the Negative Energy Plane ties up to the Paraelemental Plane of Ice.

    Your skin becomes covered in a thin layer of ice that does not obstruct your movement. Your natural armor bonus increases by a third of your class level (rounded up) (characters who do not have a natural armor bonus are treated as having a natural armor bonus of +0), you gain cold resistance (10) (this cold resistance stacks with ones gained from other sources), and you are protected by an extraordinary Endure Elements effect (as the spell) as the unnatural ice regulates your body heat. Due to the negative energy it countains, this layer of ice does not melt in warm temperatures.

    In addition, you may fuse with the ice as a free action, turning it into a sort of living (or undead) armor. You do not lose the above benefits, but you gain damage reduction 10/adamantine and fire resistance (10). Once this ice armor has absorbed an amount of damage in this way equal to five times your class level (note that, since the ice armor is over your skin, it absorbs damage in spite of your immunities), or once 12 hours have passed (whichever come first), your ice armor is destroyed, and you lose all benefits of this Mythos. Over the next 12 hours, the layer of ice over your skin slowly reforms, first under a liquid form suffused with your life energy, which then solidifies progressively.

    Class Skills
    The Uttercold Retributor's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Listen (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), and Swim (Str).
    Skills Points at Each Level: 4 + Int

    Hit Dice: d12

    Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special Mythos
    Craft Ice Beast, Ice in the Veins (fatigued; no damage) +1 level of Mythos-using class
    Heart-Freezing Atrocity Void, Resistance to cold (10), Undying Resolve +1 level of Mythos-using class
    Fortification (25%), Ice in the Veins (1d3) +1 level of Mythos-using class
    Ice Beast Ability, Resistance to cold (15), Uttercold's Blessing +1 level of Mythos-using class
    Ice in the Veins (1d6), Tough as Ice +1 level of Mythos-using class
    Fortification (50%), Resistance to cold (20), Simulacrum +1 level of Mythos-using class
    Ice in the Veins (exhausted; 1d8) +1 level of Mythos-using class
    Frostburn's Blessing, Ice Beast Ability, Resistance to cold (25) +1 level of Mythos-using class
    Fortification (75%), Ice in the Veins (2d6) +1 level of Mythos-using class
    Ice Assassin, Uttercold Ascendancy +1 level of Mythos-using class

    Weapon Proficiencies: The Uttercold Retributor does not gain any new proficiency upon taking levels in this class.
    Mythos: At each level, the Uttercold Retributor gains new Mythos as if he had gained a level in a Mythos-using class for which he has selected Cold-Hearted Hatred of Life or Deathly Body of Uttercold. His effective level also increases for the purpose of determining the benefits he gets from Mythos that are based on his level in that class, for the purpose of determining whether he has access to a new tier of Mythos, and for the purpose of determining whether or not he can buy bonus Mythos. He does not gain any other advantage of his previous class, such as added benefits from the Primitive Brutality line of class features or additional Excellencies. Finally, the character adds Cold-Hearted Hatred of Life and Deathly Body of Uttercold to the list of Mythos for that class (if they are not already).
    Craft Ice Beast (Su): All Uttercold Retributors are capable of crafting an Ice Beast (that is to say, a creature with the Ice Beast template (Frostburn) applied to it). The base creature on which the Ice Beast is based must have no template applied to it and no more Hit Dice than the effective level of the character in a Mythos-using class (if the character has levels in many Mythos-using classes, use the highest). For that purpose, "effective level" refers to class levels in that class, plus effective class levels derived from a prestige class such as this one. Crafting an Ice Beast requires a cube of ice with dimensions equal to the space used by the creature in combat (5 ft. * 5 ft. * 5 ft. for a Small or Medium creature, for example). Ice has a negligible cost, but the creature must be sculpted using an appropriate Craft skill (DC equal to the HD of the Ice Beast, effective cost of the creature equal to 1,000 gp per HD). Once the creature has been completely sculpted, the Uttercold Retributor must instill the construct with a fraction of his own hatred, spending 40 experience points per Hit Dice of the Ice Beast. No gold pieces are actually required at any point during the creation process, and the Uttercold Retributor must sculpt the Ice Beast himself (lest he is unable to instill his hate in it). When the Ice Beast is complete, it is fully under the control of the Uttercold Retributor who created it. As long as the Uttercold Retributor is within 10 feet of its Ice Beasts, they repair their own damage at a rate of 1 hit point per hour, as the character's own hatred forces them to remain functional.
    Ice in the Veins (Ex): At first level, the Uttercold Retributor begins the slow process of being transformed into an atrocity of living hate and uttercold. As such, his bloodstream is filled with shards of icy blood dangerous to those who try to eat him. Any creature that bites the Uttercold Retributor must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + the Uttercold Retributor's class level + his Constitution modifier) or become fatigued for 1 round per class level. Once affected by this ability, further bites extend the duration but do not otherwise stack. Creatures immune to sleep effects are not fatigued by this ability, nor are creatures immune to both cold and energy drain (creatures immune to cold, but not energy drain, or to energy drain, but not to cold, are affected normally).
    At 3rd level, creatures that bite the Uttercold Retributor also take 1d3 points of damage, regardless of whether they are immune to sleep effects to not. That damage is half cold damage (rounded up) and half negative energy damage (rounded down). Creatures that are healed by negative energy and immune or otherwise resistant to cold may very well be healed by biting the character.
    At 5th level, the damage increases to 1d6.
    At 7th level, creatures that fail their save and exhausted instead of fatigued. Creatures that succeed on their save take damage but are otherwise not affected. Also, the damage increases to 1d8.
    At 9th level, the damage increases to 2d6.
    Heart-Freezing Atrocity Void (Ex): At 2nd level, the Uttercold Retributor gains the Heart-Freezing Atrocity Void Mythos as a bonus Mythos, even if he normally wouldn't be able to select it. If he already has it, he instead gains one bonus Exceptionnal Mythos, which he must have access to and qualify for.
    Resistance to cold (Ex): At 2nd level, the Uttercold Retributor gains resistance to cold (10). That resistance increases by 5 every 2 levels thereafter, to a maximum of 25 at 8th level.
    Undying Resolve (Ex): At 2nd level, the Uttercold Retributor's determination is so great that he gains a morale bonus equal to half his class level (rounded down) on attack rolls, damage rolls, Bluff checks and Sense Motive checks when attempting to directly harm the individual(s) he feels hatred toward or their reputation. He gains the same bonus on Craft checks made to craft an Ice Beast/simulacrum/ice assassin in the shape of such individual, and on all Survival checks.
    Fortification (Ex): Starting at 3rd level, the Uttercold Retributor gains a 25% chance to resist additional damage inflicted by a critical hit, a sneak attack or a similar effect. At 6th level, this fortification increases to 50%, and to 75% at 9th level.
    Ice Beast Ability (Su): At 4th level, and again at 8th level, the Uttercold Retributor gains one special attack of his choice from the list of special attacks allowed to creatures with the Ice Beast template (Frostburn). He may not select the same special attack twice.
    Uttercold's Blessing (Su): At 4th level, once per day, the Uttercold Retributor may select one special attack owned by him or one of his Ice Beasts that deals cold damage. For the next 24 hours, half the damage inflicted by that attack (rounded down) is replaced from cold damage to negative energy damage. If this class feature is used on an Ice Beast, that Ice Beast is healed by negative energy and harmed by positive energy for the duration. For the purpose of this ability, Mythos that deal cold damage count as special attacks.
    If the Uttercold Retributor has enough class levels to construct a simulacrum or an ice assassin, this ability may also be used to target it.
    Tough as Ice (Ex): At 5th level, the Uttercold Retributor takes on even more of the qualities of the uttercold monster of hate he is turning into. He becomes immune to disease, nonlethal damage, and stunning.
    Simulacrum (Sp): At 6th level, the Uttercold Retributor can craft a Simulacrum of another creature (as the spell). The process to craft a simulacrum is quite similar to the process to craft an Ice Beast, but he can only have one simulacrum at a time (crafting a new one destroys the former instantly). The simulacrum has only one-half the Hit Dice and level of the duplicate creature (rounded down, minimum 1 or the amount of the base creature). He can’t create a simulacrum of a creature whose Hit Dice or levels exceed twice his effective level in a Mythos-using class. He must sculpt a statue of the simulacrum (same process as sculpting an Ice Beast, except he also make a Disguise check at the end of the process). Once this is done, if the character is satisfied with the result of his Disguise check, he must animate the simulacrum by spending 100 experience points per Hit Dice of the simulacrum (minimum 1,000 xp) to instill it with his hatred. Due to the strong connection between the Uttercold Retributor, his hate and the simulacrum he animated, it repairs itself at the rate of 1 hit point every 24 hours as long as the character and it remain within 50 feet of one another. Aside from that, the simulacrum is identical to a creature created by a Simulacrum spell cast by the character.
    Frostburn's Blessing (Su): At 8th level, once per day, the Uttercold Retributor may select one special attack owned by him, his simulacrum/ice assassin or one of his Ice Beasts that deals cold damage (that special attack needn't be the same as the one selected for Uttercold's Blessing). For the next 24 hours, all cold damage inflicted by that special attack becomes frostburn damage (Frostburn). For the purpose of this ability, Mythos that deal cold damage count as special attacks.
    Ice Assassin (Sp): At 10th level, the Uttercold Retributor can craft an Ice Assassin of another creature (as the spell from Frostburn). That ice assassin counts as his simulacrum and is created in an identical fashion (see above), except he can only create an ice assassin of a creature he feel deep hatred toward (regardless of that creature's Hit Dice), and the ice assassin has an amount of Hit Dice equal to that of the duplicate creature or to his effective level in a Mythos-using class, whichever is lower. He gets a +10 circumstance bonus to the Craft and the Disguise checks made during the sculpting process due to the power of that ability and the sheer hatred he feels toward the creature he duplicates. Similar to an ice assassin created by the spell, the Uttercold Retributor can only control his ice assassin while it is within 1 mile of him. Beyond that range, it will fulfill its only purpose (destroy the duplicate creature). While it is near its creator, the ice assassin repairs naturally at the same rate as a simulacrum (see above). Finally, the ice assassin has one special attack from the list of special attack allowed to creatures with the Ice Beast template. Aside from that, the ice assassin is identical to a creature created by an Ice Assassin spell cast by the character.
    Uttercold Ascendancy (Ex): At 10th level, the transformation of the Uttercold Retributor into a being of pure hatred and uttercold is finally complete. The character gains the Cold subtype. As a result, he now takes +50% damage from fire attacks. Unlike other creatures with the Cold subtype, the Uttercold Retributor does not become immune to cold, but is healed by it. Whenever the Uttercold Retributor would be dealt cold damage or frostburn damage from any source, he is healed an equivalent amount of hit points instead (if the attack allows a save, the Uttercold Retributor recovers hit points as if he failed that save).
    If the Uttercold Retributor wasn't already an undead creature, his type changes to undead and he gains the augmented subtype. He gains all the immunities that accompany his new type. However, unlike other undead, he retains his Constitution score, keeps all powers that would be inconsistent with his new type (such as powers gained from the Teramach class) and can continue to take feat or levels in a class or prestige class that would require him to not be undead or to be of his former type. If the Uttercold Retributor was already undead, he gains a Constitution score of 10 and can now take feats or levels in a class or prestige class that would be inconsistent with the undead type (such as the Teramach class), gaining all the benefits that would accompany these feats or levels as if it was a living creature.

    Playing an Uttercold Retributor is comparatively similar to playing a member of the character's original class, except the character drops the ability to gain new Excellencies in exchange of the possibility to create a potentially unlimited army of Ice Beasts.
    Combat: Uttercold Retributors are at their best at melee, as they have access to abilities that reinforce their melee capability while simultaneously dealing damage to enemies who attack them in melee. That being said, those that took the time and effort to craft their own servants can use their teamwork and tactical genius to outmatch foes that would have surpassed them otherwise. Otherwise, the character will presumably use the same way of fighting as an average member of his base class.
    Advancement: An Uttercold Retributor, like any Mythos-using character, does not benefit as much from multiclassing as other characters do. Rather, he should keep sure his effective level in his Mythos-using class accounts for at least half of his ECL so that he can buy bonus Mythos. Barring that, he should select his Mythos carefully so as to not take those that are incompatible with his playstyle. Finally, the Uttercold Retributor should take great care to choose an Ice Beast Ability that goes well with his combat style, as their effects are continuously active.
    Resources: Whenever possible, an Uttercold Retributor creates his own resources to use. He will use his own wealth, find an ice quarry to extract the base material for his Ice Beasts, and sometimes create an organization dedicated to the hunting of his enemies, but very rarely will he be able to receive external assistance.

    I knew him before, and yes, he was already a bit crazy then. But nowhere near the level he is today. The... death of his family... it changed him... for good. To this day, he is trying to... avenge them, I guess. He's so different now. Everything's different.

    Uttercold Retributors do not receive any praise for doing their duty, not even the few good-aligned ones dedicated to the killing of a vile tyrant or maniacal murderer. Even once their quest is done and they can focus on other tasks, people always seem to have a bad opinion of them. Part of it is justified. After all, who would like to be saved by an atrocity between life and death (at best) or an undead abomination (at worst)?
    Daily Life: An Uttercold Retributor's days and nights consist mostly of preparing for the inevitable battle (of mind and body) against his sole enemy or group of enemies. When they are not busy scheming or training, they craft more Ice Beasts or find ways to improve them.
    Notables: Cruian the Cursed (LG, Olethrofex 10/Uttercold Retributor 10) is a formely human ghoul of dwarf descent. Having had experience with necromancy in his life, he was strong-willed enough to resist the urge to surrender to his lowest instincts, and he became a good-aligned Olethrofex. By doing so, he attracted the wrath of an evil god of death, who swore to kill all those he cared for until he surrenders his unlife to the divine being. Unfortunately for Cruian, his friends and family were killed on that same day, and he had to leave civilization so that nobody else would die of his curse. But he made an oath to himself, so that he will avenge those that were killed unjustly by the god. To assist in his deicide, Cruian found a quarry of ice, used his hands to sculpt beasts out of it, and infused these creatures with the cold hatred he has for the god of death. After decades of preparation, Cruian now has an army at his disposal. But he knows that even now, he is no match for a god, and since he is unable to make an ice assassin of a divine entity, Cruian is attempting to create his own Mythos, one that would allow him to do so nonetheless, at the cost of his own existence if necessary.
    Lady Eilstine (NE, Kathodos 8/Uttercold Retributor 5) is an elf kathodos with aristocratic blood. She is sadistic and corrupt, and to some it seems like she has always been, but it is not true. Long ago, when she was only seventy years old, she cared for everyone – her family, her friends, and even strangers. But something she couldn't possibly have imagined happened. Her city was raided by a large army of drows. Many of her closest friends and relatives were killed, and she lost her left arm. In her own words, it is like the cruelty of these drows somehow imprinted on her, leaving her as the heartless and vengeful woman that she is today. Now, Eilstine is leading an organization dedicated to the war against the drows, and she is using her tactical genius to ensure the death of as many drow soldiers as possible, hoping to kill those that raided her city almost a century ago.
    Udoneiros the Slayer (CN, Teramach 7/Uttercold Retributor 2) was once a noble Teramach who fought for the well-being of his native village, but he was betrayed by the very mayor of the city he swore to protect. While he was on a quest far from his home, the mayor made a secret deal with a guild of criminals and ordered the death sentence of Udoneiros's family under false accusations. Three days latter, when he returned to the village, he found the bodies of his wife, his son and his two daughters still hanged to the public gallow. Rapidly finding out the underlying reasons of his family's death, Udoneiros swore to kill the mayor as well as all members of the criminal guild. However, his attempts have been limited by the fact that, unknown to him at the time, the mayor is actually a talented spellcaster and have made bargains with fiends to consolidate his power. In order to increase his chances to avenge his family, Udoneiros is considering the possibility of making such bargain himself.
    Organizations: Apart from the potential ability of any Uttercold Retributor to create an army of ice constructs fuelled by their very hate, there is no organization dedicated to Uttercold Retributors. Moreover, they have no reason to associate as their personal interests often come into conflict with one another. Finally, they are too dedicated to their quest to fit in with any organization that does not see it as prominent.

    NPC Reaction
    People fear Uttercold Retributors. The general opinion is that they are unpredictable. Does that person really just wants to slay the chief of the assassin guild or is he just hiding the fact he wants to kill the king by himself? Want about the army of ice constructs he spent months making in the Arctic? Is it intended to team up with the forces of the duchy against its rival or to annihilate both? And the fact he is slowly turning into an undead monstruosity doesn't help, either. All in all, the general population sees an Uttercold Retributor as too obsessed with his revenge plots to be trusted.

    Like all Mythos classes, the Uttercold Retributor prestige class is intended for characters who will shaken gameplay at any level. Thus, it will seriously unbalance any low-powered game. But a big part of its power actually stems from the advance in a Mythos base class. The creation of Ice Beasts may seem like it may affect gameplay, but not any more so than the ability of spellcasters to create constructs. The other class features are either very weak or level-appropriate, however.
    Adaptation: This prestige class obviously has no place in a game where hatred cannot be given a physical manifestation. However, by clever adjustment of the class features and Mythos, the uttercold aspect of the class can be replaced with another equivalent fusion of energy from the inner planes. Thus, it is possible to adapt this class to create a Blackfire Retributor (Fire + Negative Energy) or a Darkcaustic Retributor (Earth + Negative Energy + Water). The heavy amount of changes needed to turn this prestige class into one for spellcasters would be impractical, however.
    Encounters: Uttercold Retributors are never encountered when they are not working on fulfilling their hate. While most do not care about creatures that are not significant to their mission, how they interact with such creatures is very different. Some will simply ignore them. Others are paranoid or unscrupulous enough that they will attempt to kill anyone who cross their path (and that they can get away with killing).

    Sample Encounter
    The easiest way to be forced into fighting an Uttercold Retributor is to ally with one of his enemies. The trick is that nobody's really sure who the enemy of an Uttercold Retributor is. For example, the player characters may be asked by the mayor of a distant village to go on an apparently innocent quest, only to be faced by an Uttercold Retributor who will do anything in his power to sabotage it.
    EL 9: A tall man stands firmly before you. He has short black hair and blue eyes, and his skin appears to be glowing with a pale hue. He visibly wants to go your way, and won't step back if threatened.

    Udoneiros the Slayer
    CN male human Teramach 7/Uttercold Retributor 2
    Init +6, Senses: Listen -1, Spot -1
    Languages Common
    AC 22 (+2 Dex, +10 natural), touch 12, flat-footed 20
    hp 85 (9d12 +27 HD)
    Resist cold 10
    Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +11
    Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
    Melee unarmed strike +14/+9* (1d3+13* plus 1d6 cold/19-20/x3 plus 2 ability drain)
    Base Atk +9, Grp +19
    Atk Options Power Attack
    Combat Gear -
    Special Attacks Ice in the Veins (fatigued; 1d3), Primitive Brutality III
    Mythos Cold-Hearted Hatred of Life (Destruction of the Inner Fear, Onslaught of the Chill Vitality), Deathly Body of Uttercold, Dismembering Gorebeast Fury (Bone-Rattling Force, Flesh-Pulping Fists), God-Smashing Blow (Godplate-Piercing Strike), Heart-Freezing Atrocity Void (bonus), Raging Behemoth Charge (Terrifying Thunderclap Blessing), and World-Breaker Grip.
    Abilities Str 22 (include a +2 enhancement bonus), Dex 14, Con 16, Int 8, Wis 8, Cha 8
    SQ Craft Ice Beast
    Excellencies Hands Like Bloodied Meat-Hooks, Inhuman Strength Proliferation, Mind-is-Meat Understanding, Pouncing Beast Ascension, and Wordless Terror Demonstration.
    Feats Improved Critical (unarmed strikes and improvised weapons with proficiency) (B), Improved Grapple (B), Improved Initiative (B), Improved Natural Armor, Improved Sunder (B), Improved Trip (B), Improved Unarmed Strike (B), Leap of the Heavens (B), Power Attack, Power Critical (unarmed strikes and improvised weapons with proficiency) (B), Skill Focus (Craft (ice sculpting)), Steadfast Determination (B), Tomb-Born Vitality, and Tomb-Tainted Soul.
    Skills Climb +8, Craft (ice sculpting) +4 (+5 to shape statues of his enemy), Intimidate +9, Jump +8, Sense Motive +10 (+11 toward his enemy), and Survival +2.
    Possessions GM's fiat.

    * Include adjustments for Power Attack feat (-2 penalty).
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