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    Default Re: DM's campaign log- Wrath Of The Righteous (PF & spoliers!)

    I'm glad you like it Palanan and Eldaran!

    Those of you that may have read my journals (The rare, the few, the ones with too much spare time on their hands ) know that I often put "In between sessions" posts, detailing design ideas and major issues I face as a DM dealing with the Campaign, this is one of them. If you're interested mostly in the story, just skip this and wait for the regular update. ("nothing to see here, move along citizen!" )

    In between sessions 1 & 2: City ruins, Millorn's role, Issues with the first and second module

    Ok, so I've been thinking of a few things that I may need to deal with, some in the near future, some a bit further apart. In no special order:
    1) Issues with the "Incursion of the Worldwound": I remembered I made a thread awhile ago, while trying to prepare for the adventure, about Problems I saw with the module, and idea of how to fix it. If you're interested you can look In this thread (It's not really needed, I'm including this mostly for completeness) I'll go into detail of tackling some of these problems as we play through the module.

    2) The city ruins: The part that most appeal tome for DMing potential is when the party get to the surface, and then they must transverse the ruined city, not knowing who lived, who died, and if there is any hope. This has SOOO much roleplay potential, and in a way is quite a nice little sandbox. The locations on the map (The cultists' places and the 3 NPCs places) kinda lead the party in a direct route, but I'm thinking of potential changing this a bit. The module however doesn't deal well with this part, saying to throw a whole lot of simplified random battle encounters at the party to "fill the XP". They do have a few nice looking "special encounters", which I intend to use fully, but I dislike battles against XdY creatures...

    So I want to put in other encounters- special challenges, whether operational, moral, fantastical or otherwise. Some general ideas:
    - Use upon the characters background to put things in. Some ideas could be Sena's order's headquarters, or his mentor- John. Or perhaps Andrew' family, or fellow crusaders from the church? The other gave me very little info, so I'm not yet sure. I'm trying to urge them to provide me with something to work with. But knowing them, if they would write anything, it would be in the day of the game or the day before.

    - I want to make the presence of the demons oppressive. Sure, the party could win some fights, but others should be over their heads. The need of subterfuge, of clever ruses and more to get where they need to. I want some of the demons to feel SCARY. You don't just slaughter your way everywhere through a demon infested city.

    I need to be careful with this, and avoid too powerful demons because of: Very high skill checks (especially perception, sense motive, special senses and so on). If the party engages, I want there to be a reasonable chance of escape, and I want them to have the time to realize this is over their, and not be shot down in one blow. And lastly I need a reason for the powerful demons to have not just crushed everyone and everybody.

    Suggestions are welcomed!

    - I want some ambivalent moral choices- such as needing to side with some evil doers to go over a barricade, or facing a too strong a force that guards captives, and more... still thinking of this.

    Again, Ideas welcome!

    - Lastly, I want there to be a leaking of the demonic/ worldwound influence into the city. Give it a somewhat alien and foreboding feeling. Looking for bizarre and "fiendish" occurrences phenomena, but fairly mild ones (though dangerous), mostly for flavor. I assume going INTO the worldwound would provide much more.


    Basically I wish to create a small- medium set of semi- random encounters, that use the allotted XP quota to challenge the PCs in a more interesting ways then the simplified battles. This may take a bit of work though... A bit of a lazy design on Paizo's part here.

    Also, I'm looking for long tracks of foreboding/ depressing/ forlorn/ apocalyptic kind of music, to set the mood. Bring in the suggestions! (Currently thinking of Lustmord stuff... creepy...)

    3) The role of Millorn: I've been contemplating on how to use him (ALWAYS use something the players are emotionally invested in!) I was trying to think on how to fit him in the bigger picture. An idea occurred to me when I thought of Staunton Vhane (The main antagonist of the second module, I'll go into that another time). I want to build up Staunton from early on as a big bad ass villain, so that the PCs won't just meet him and go. "Hello! I'm Staunton Vhane! Your Nemesis!"... "Who exactly?".

    So I thought to have Staunton and Millorn related somehow! (Cousins?) Staunton's name might be mentioned here and there, Millorn mightr hear that (If he joins the party) and relay stories about him, his history, maybe his downfall? I'm thinking that back in the days Staunton might have played as a devoted inquisitors and pursuer of withces. Perhaps he drove Millorn under the surface? Or perhaps he saved him from death, sending him to live in Kenabres underbelly? Millorn might also Be swayed to Staunton's side, making fighting them potentially risky, if the party wishes to save Millorn.

    Other issues with Millorn:
    - I wish to avoid playing him as the somewhat goofy/ silly sidekick, like Golum or Deekin from NWN's expansions. Disturbed, convoluted? yes. Silly? no. I need to think of how to add more depth to his character. Suggestions are of course welcome.

    - Remeeting point: I'm contemplating where will the party meet Millorn. My current idea is atthe Defender's Heart, where he might be captured, and the party might have to sway in his favor. (Gahhh! Still like Golum with the incident of Faramir...). Or maybe he could lurk and follow them around in the city, watching them? In any case, 2 things need to be fully in the party's control- whether he joins them or not, and whether they try to redeem him or not. The player's guide gives some ideas of redemption (A whole point system). I need to review it and see if I like it.

    - Class? one idea would be to have him continue as a wizard. But it feels redundant as there is a stronger wizard in place. Another idea would be to have him start take levels in Oracle, as his link to these maddening powers he worships. The revelations will have to be fairy useful and thematic from the get go, or he'll be quite weak. I'd love to have him impart sort of "visions/ warnings/ omens" to the party. A simple handy ominous forewarning device at my side? Could be cool.

    4) Second module mass combat issues: I've looked briefly through the second module, and While I have some issues with it, The big one is the Mass Combats. They seem simplistic and very unfulfilling. I'll go into that later on, but the main two problems are that they engage just one character (The leader of the army) ,while the rest wait and twiddle their thumbs, and it's very uninspiring- basically just units clashing and bashing each other, with strategies acting as some modifiers. I'll try and understand the rules better (When I have the time), but in the mean time I opened this small thread to ask for advice

    That is all so far. Gotta go and study now. Session on Saturday, should be good!
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