Saahep, Henchman Commander of AMEN

"I'm not going to kill you, not down here. That's just blood without purpose. I'm going to demonstrate why random heroes and fools shouldn't **** with AMEN, and then I'm going to let you walk off.

To be an example for others."

Alias: Also goes by Saa, because it's easier for people to remember. Also commands the Henchmen of AMEN based on a semi-official decree by MJ Moff that nobody's bothered to contradict. "Henchman Commander" is a title that she made up.

Gender: Female, though you probably wouldn't guess it just by looking at her.

Race/Species: Thrax, a species genetically engineered by a short-lived cooperative between The Nest and the Heart of Iniquity.

Age: Roughly 26 years biologically, but only about eight months in Nexus time thanks to a time-acceleration bubble.

Alignment: Of the classic DnD alignments, Lawful Evil probably comes closest. If you're familiar with the third Axis, add "funky" to that. She doesn't do a lot of the traditional funky things, but she definitely takes a certain glee in cruelty and likes to get creative.

Class/Profession: Definitely a fighter, but makes use of magical items to support her abilities and has a number of racial features to round out her natural weaknesses. She might have a few levels of rogue, too.

Power Rating: Probably C+, given several explicitly superhuman capabilities and few direct weaknesses to balance those out. Can scale up or down somewhat, though.

Description: Saahep bears some superficial resemblance to a half-dragon, but her reality is significantly more complex than that. Thanks to her existence as a chimeric mixture of a few dozen different species created through liberal abuse of blood magic, she has a lot of traits mixed together.
She still does look vaguely like a half-dragon in some ways, due to her clearly reptilian features and generally humanoid shape, but that's about where the similarity ends. To start with, her deep purple "scales" resemble the chitin composite that makes up a beetle's shell rather than the keratin that composes the normal kind. Further, unlike half-human half-dragons, she does not appear to have any significant secondary sexual characteristics. She does have a pair of large dragon-style wings, but unlike the leathery structure that one would expect to see, they are instead fairly well-armored. Underneath the thick scales and above the chitin, she has a thin layer of mottled violet flesh that has toughness on par with leather, a reflection of her troll blood.

Her eyes are greenish and sunken, but retain a predatory gleam that serves well to inspire fear in others, and her nose and mouth are combined into a lizardlike snout. Her teeth are mostly sharp to chew through meat most effectively, but she can digest just about anything.

Personality: Saahep is a cruel creature, but she is no rampaging barbarian. She is also not an evil wizard, which is usually the other direction that these things go. No, she's a calculating and conniving character all around. She keeps up a sense of honor not because she actually values it, but because she prefers that her dishonorable actions to be unexpected so as to maximize their effectiveness. She prefers to stand away from the Sword of Damocles rather than right under it, but still finds true servitude to be reprehensible and not worth performing. She is as intelligent as a fairly bright human, though hardly a genius. Saa is quite cruel, and while normally restrained can become quite violent when excited. Perhaps most disturbingly, other peoples' pain is a turn-on to her, so this can easily become a self-sustaining loop.

Saahep is heterosexual, but has no interest whatsoever in members of other species and has nothing but disgust for the usual femme fatale archetype.

Equipment: Saahep can use a variety of weapons, but her usual equipment consists of a fine steel shamshir, a heavy crossbow, a jagged obsidian dagger, and a suit of leather armor. She has a Bag of Holding kept on her hip, which she uses to store a variety of minor magic items and random tools that sometimes come in handy.

Abilities: Hoo boy. Screw it, I'm just going to make an easy-enough-to-understand list of powers and skills.

Inborn and Acquired "Powers":
Super Strength: Saahep's dragon and troll bloodlines grant her a level of strength that is very obviously superhuman. It's commonly said that the average human only uses 10-15% of their true strength. If that's so, it's also true for Saa, except that her 10-15% is fairly close to a normal human's 110%. She is physically capable of punching through concrete walls and lifting cars over her head, though this is hard; she isn't Superman. This is not a magical effect; her muscles are just that efficient and powerful.

Super Toughness: Saahep's dragon and insect bloodlines grant her both an endoskeleton formed from nearly indestructible dragonbone and an exoskeleton made from incredibly tough (and flexible) chitin. Technically, this is not a true exoskeleton, since it does not form her outermost layer, but it's close enough to be described as such. On top of the exoskeleton is a layer of leathery lavender flesh, from her trollish heritage, which grows an additional layer of chitinous, protective scales. These three layers of protection have only a minimal effect on her mobility, but together confer amazing protection against virtually all physical damage. Low-caliber bullets fired from normal guns usually just bounce off of her. Larger shots might harm her, but are more likely to check her advance and leave a nasty bruise than to kill her. Actually breaking her bones or causing life-threatening injuries would probably require anti-materiel rounds or similar levels of firepower. Or maybe just a lucky shot. This ability is nonmagical.

Enhanced Reflexes: Saa doesn't advertise it much, but she has some feline blood mixed in with the more prominent lines. This grants her inhuman reflex speed, allowing her to do things like accurately batting away objects flying in her direction, dodging attacks that she barely saw coming, and even suddenly switching up her attacks in the middle of a swing to keep 'em guessing. It should be noted that this is not the same as Super Speed, as Saa can only run as quickly as you'd expect from a heavily-built, if very fit individual. This ability is nonmagical.

Regeneration: The most obvious feature of her troll bloodline, Saahep is capable of regenerating minor wounds in a matter of minutes and more serious wounds in a matter of hours. She can't come back from a single cell or anything crazy like that, but don't look away from the body if you beat her in a fight. She just might get back up when you're not expecting it. It's worth noting that her bones to not regenerate in the same way that the rest of her does, but they'll seal back together quickly if they're set properly. Her scales don't regenerate at all, but they'll regrow from her hide given sufficient time. This ability is magical in origin, and exposure to antimagic may reduce or negate its effects.

Flight: It may sound crazy, but those draconic wings work in spite of her high mass. Thus, Saa is capable of unaided flight when her wings aren't bound. It's worth noting that they're not nearly as well-armored as the rest of her body, though they remain protected by scales and regeneration is still in effect. The wings themselves are quite strong, and can be used as weapons while on the ground. They aren't large enough to throw powerful gusts of wind around, but getting smacked by a wing still hurts like hell and might well throw someone across the room. They're impressive wings, too: At a span of just over ten feet, they more than triple Saa's horizontal "size" when outstretched. This ability is partially magical in origin; she can't generate enough lift to actually fly under the effects of strong antimagic, but she can still glide downward and hit people with them.

Claws: This isn't really a power, per se, but it is useful. Saa has a claw on each of her fingers and toes, formed from dragonbone. Thanks to another feature of her feline blood, she can retract and extend them at will. They're not particularly special otherwise, though Dragonbone keeps an edge well and they don't need to be sharpened much. Nonmagical, of course.

Universal Digestion: A holdover from the Dragon bloodline, Thrax don't have stomachs so much as they have elemental super-furnaces. Saa can digest pretty much anything that she's able to swallow. That doesn't mean she just shovels dirt into her mouth and calls it a day, though. She still has a sense of taste, for gods' sake! It's worth noting that she needs to eat quite a lot to actually maintain her health, and this ability is magical in origin. While she still has an effective and usable stomach when under the effects of antimagic, she can only digest actual organic material. She'd starve to death fairly quickly if locked in an antimagic cell without food.

Fire Breath: Another relic of her draconic Blood, Saa can breathe fire. It's exactly what it sounds like, though her humanoid size means that her breath is a deadly short-range burst rather than the gigantic billowing hell-flames that true dragons will emit. This is, of course, a magical ability.

Night Vision: A subtle benefit of her Feline side, Saa can see equally well in light and darkness. She has no ability to see in true pitch-black, but literally any amount of ambient light is enough for her to be visually aware of her surroundings. This is not magical in any way.

Keen Senses: From various bloodline sources, all of Saa's normal senses sans taste are enhanced in some way. She has senses of smell and hearing about on par with the average dog's, 20/10 eyesight, and a profound sense of balance. Her sense of touch in general is also enhanced, but this is mitigated by the fact that her nerves are mostly hiding behind three layers of material, resulting in a touch sensation basically equal to that of the average human. Once again, nonmagical.

Redundant Organs: Thrax don't have any Krogan blood, but applying the half-dragon template to one would get you pretty close! Saa has a series of redundant organs, most of which work in concert to keep her body going. An extra liver to help deal with poisons, a spare heart so that she doesn't die instantly if someone gets a lucky shot, two extra pairs of lungs to help supply her body with oxygen...


Huscarl: Saahep is a soldier by nature, and feels most comfortable with a melee weapon in hand. Her blade of choice happens to be a lightly-curved Shamshir, but she's able to effectively use just about anything that's designed to hit/stab/cut people that isn't too high tech. She can also make use of a shield if it's appropriate for the situation, but she doesn't normally carry one.

Crossbowman: Saahep isn't very good with a traditional bow and arrow, but her aim is excellent in spite of that. Instead, she uses a heavy crossbow when range is important, and carries bodkin-point bolts for this purpose. She's physically strong enough to draw back the bowstring with her bare hands, which saves her some space on a typical drawing apparatus. Coincidentally, this also makes her crossbow more or less useless to other people.

Tactician: Saa is trained in battlefield tactics and has read Sun Tzu's The Art of War. She has experience with leading soldiers and is more than capable of drilling troops, leading a platoon into battle, laying ambushes, and doing other soldiery things. She's better at operating a small team than she is at handling Grand Strategy, but she's not incompetent at that. After all, Tactics without Strategy is the noise before defeat.

Torturer: While not exactly something she's trained extensively in, and she's hardly an expert, Saa is capable of maintaining the balance between pain, expectation of pain, and mercy to wring information out of people. She's also quite good at managing fear and faking control even when she doesn't necessarily have it. Her technique is brutal and strangely psychological, but fairly effective against normal targets.

Blacksmith: It would be a stretch to call her amazing or even particularly special, but she knows her way around a forge and knows enough to maintain her own stuff. With some more practice, she could probably work with exotic metals too.

Educated: Saa is knowledgeable about a fair variety of topics, and does quite a lot of reading. She's not exactly a university professor, but she's no party school dropout either.

Rune Carver: Saahep has knowledge of a few magical inscriptions that she can make use of. They're effectively useless in combat thanks to the necessary preparation time, but the general effects of her runes are occasionally useful. She knows how to make an antimagic rune, and an explosive rune.