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    Default We're All Mad Here: Let's Play Rune Factory 3!

    Most people who follow my LPs know I'm something of a fan of the Harvest Moon series. Well, that series has a sort of franchised Spin-Off, the Rune Factory series, with all the farming and romancing, and less of the "sitting around watering your crops and brushing your cows everyday until you die." While you're waiting to get a few more Love Points for the next event, or waiting for your crops to grow, you've got gear to craft and dungeons to crawl. Or maybe it's the other way around -- while you level grind your way to beat the next area and gather up crafting ingredients, you've got a farm to tend and a town full of clever, goofy, vibrant villagers to befriend. I've found the series a little hit-or-miss, falling madly in love with some entries and only being meh about others, but on the whole, I'll recommend it with a big smile, particularly the recently-released Rune Factory 4 for the 3DS (Which I absolutely adore).

    And this one! Rune Factory 3, released for the DS somewhere between 2009-2011, depending on where you were in the world. This is the US version I'm playing, so that'd have been released in 2012. It was made by the now-defunct Neverland Company (a moment of silence, please), produced by Marvelous Entertainment, and released in the US by Natsume and in the UK by Rising Star Games. I'm never sure how to look at videogame review scores, particularly scores for less obviously popular games, but I will say that the people who like this sort of thing found it was the sort of thing they liked, and it's still well-loved by Rune Factory Fans. It's pretty fast-paced, and you rarely feel like you've got nothing to do but pass time (you do, however, sometimes have to do a bit of grinding), and I generally find the gameplay solid and fun. The plot's nothing to write home about, but does its job. But my favorite element to Rune Factory 3, as most games of this type, is the townspeople. Let me get this out of the way: the title of this LP is pretty much accurate. This game's characters have a streak of the charmingly nutty, and that's what makes me really excited to share it all with you!

    This LP, at least initially, is going to be updated a bit irregularly, though hopefully less irregularly than my troubled Thracia 776 LP: for the moment, it's a project I can take with me a bit more easily, and something fresh to do while HM64 is winding down. I'll be doing a little narrative for it, though from time to time I'll either interrupt myself or do a side-column on the mechanical aspects of what's going on.


    Cast List

    Our amnesiac protagonist, who fell from the sky. It turns out he's half-monster, specifically a wooly, a sheep-like monster. Isn't he precious? He intends to keep his dual nature under wraps for now, to avoid discomforting the villagers, or being turned away. That's about all he remembers at the moment.
    While somewhat meek and easily overwhelmed in social situations, he's ultimately kind and good-natured, and an unexpectedly courageous warrior once you get a sword in his hand.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Game
    A kind and generous girl who raises flowers with love and care.
    Family: Wells, Monica
    Shara set up Ramza living at the Sharance Tree: she's a rather mothering sort of girl, bursts of playful sense of humor aside. She loves the more harmless stripes of monster, and would probably qualify as a friend to all living things, even weeds.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Game
    Works at the diner. She'll out-eat anyone in town... unless she's distracted by food.
    Family: Blaise, Rusk

    Quote Originally Posted by The Game
    Outgoing girl who's training to become a doctor. However, her treatments don't always go as planned...
    Family: Marjorie

    Quote Originally Posted by The Game
    Unbelievably lazy girl who works at the general store. She's usually napping on the job.
    Family: Hazel

    Quote Originally Posted by The Game
    The bathhouse assistant. Ditzy girl with a bit of a fishy secret...
    Family: None

    Quote Originally Posted by The Game
    Sherman's spoiled, haughty daughter. Takes after his habit of speaking in opposites.
    Family: Sherman, Evelyn
    A member of the always-bizzare, always enigmatic De Sainte-Coquille clan. Opposite-speak is not noted with bright red text. It'd be very convenient if Ramza could see the font color, but also less fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Game
    An inn attendant who loves to travel. Sells items she finds in dungeons.
    Not a fan of monsters.
    Family: Shino

    Quote Originally Posted by The Game
    Loves fishing and her brother. Helps out at the family fishing resort.
    Full of energy and easily excited.
    Family: Carlos

    Quote Originally Posted by The Game
    Likes to keep to herself, and doesn't interact much with other people.
    Has a warm side to her.
    Family: None
    Tends Gaius' blacksmith shop, selling weapons. Whose idea was it to put her in customer service?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Game
    An excitable and eccentric artist of many mediums. She LOVES rainbows.
    Family: Her Art

    Quote Originally Posted by The Game
    The town's mayor who also runs a flower shop. He's stubborn, but soft on his granddaughter Monica.
    Family: Shara, Monica
    He's also not a fan of monsters at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Game
    Likes to keep to herself, and doesn't interact much with other people.
    Has a warm side to her.
    Family: Shara, Wells
    What the game neglects to mention is that she likes biting strangers who approach her or her sister.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Game
    The town blacksmith. Loves forging weapons and items. A dwarf.
    Family: None

    Quote Originally Posted by The Game
    A three-star chef who's laid-back... Except when it comes to the kitchen.
    Family: Collette, Rusk

    Quote Originally Posted by The Game
    The Diner's Pastry Chef. Not a fan of vegetables... Or much else, really.
    Family: Collette, Blaise

    Quote Originally Posted by The Game
    Once a great witch, she's now the town doctor. Marian's unpredictable antics keep her busy.
    Family: Marian

    Quote Originally Posted by The Game
    The serious, hardworking owner of the general store. She worries about her daughter Karina's laziness.
    Family: Karina

    Quote Originally Posted by The Game
    An arrogant glutton who's amassed a vast fortune.
    Speaks in opposites.
    Family: Sofia, Evelyn
    The De Sainte-Coquille family is a staple of the Rune Factory series, being generally wealthy without any sort of source of income...And incredibly bizzare. All the patriarchs look like this, and somehow never pass this down to their children. Most of them are big eaters, too. I suspect they might be their own species.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Game
    A misguided fashionista who'll use anything for an outfit... and we do mean ANYTHING.
    Family: Sherman, Sofia
    The normal one in the family. Boy, is that sure not saying much... She considers her father and sister's habits to be tiring, but she loves them.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Game
    The town inkeeper, and Sakuya's mother. She seems to have a hidden past...
    Family: Sakuya

    Quote Originally Posted by The Game
    Extremely passionate about fishing and life in general. Loves his sister and can be overprotective of her.
    Family: Carmen

    Without further ado, let's get started!

    Opening Video


    ...Oh, wait. There is some further ado.
    If I cut the first few updates in the places we'll need to do votes, they'll be ridiculously short. So instead, I'm going to gather up all our basic stuff voting in one place.

    First off, we need a name for our protagonist! His default name is "Micah."
    He's a pleasant, kind of mild-mannered young man, inclined to laugh nervously and get pushed around as he plays straight man to the nutjobs around him. He's a Rune Factory protagonist, so...Amnesia. As usual.

    Second, we need a name for our farm! It's default name is the "Sharance" Farm, because of its location -- more on that when the game starts. Everything in the area is called Sharance, pretty much, and it's a perfectly meaningful name in context. The word "Farm" will be added to whatever you pick.

    And finally... In the combat tutorials, we're given the choice of one free weapon, from a variety of types. These types each have their own skill category, so what type we have as our first weapon will get a little head-start towards being used and made when we can upgrade...But we're by no means stuck with it forever.
    So let's see our options!

    The short sword is the simplest weapon, with a reasonably quick attack speed, decent swing width and reach. They're a bit weaker than other weapons, but are straightforward and balanced. Also, they can fully use shields, and are the only weapon that's true for. Guess where the game, or internet in general, will tell you this directly?
    If you said 'nowhere,' you win a prize.

    The longsword has the widest swing and have good reach, but they're slow to wield, so you won't get off a lot of attacks, and you'll sometimes be left vulnerable. They're often rather defensive.

    Spears, as our hero here says, have the best range...But unlike the sword weapons, there's no arc to the attack: you just pierce in a straight line, hitting everything along that line. They're good for keeping your distance, but I sometimes have trouble with accuracy.

    Uh, basically this. Axes are power, but they're slow and kind of unwieldy. They're not the same as axes for chopping wood.

    Hammers are somewhat odd weapons, slow and heavy. They're very likely to send foes flying or just knock them straight out, and have good odds of a critical hit.
    Axes and Hammers actually share a skill, unlike every other set of weapons.

    Dual Blades are the weakest weapon on average, but they're also the fastest. You can't use a shield with dual blades, but you can keep hitting the enemy nearly non-stop, in a hurricane of blades.

    Staves are strange. They've got good magical attacks, and work well charged, unleashing little spells. Of course, their physical attack isn't all that great. To really get the most out of staves, we'll ultimately need to make our own.

    So, cast your votes!
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