Oh my, Rune Factory 3! Fun game. It's a shame I never finished it, never getting all the way through the third dungeon. I should pick it up and actually complete it. Not to mention actually marrying someone in a Harvest Moon game. Seriously, the only time I've ever married a girl was in A Wonderful Life, because the game ends after the first year if you don't. I'm not that good at commitment, it seems.

And yes, everyone's a little bit crazy. Okay, maybe not a little bit. Seriously, Harvest Moon is good for having characters with quirks, and Rune Factory even moreso. But RF3 really takes the cake in characters. Have fun choosing, everyone.

As for choices! I don't have much to recommend. I usually put my first name for the character and last name for the farm, although that won't quite work here. I suppose we could have Link living in the Deku Tree, although that's just me being silly. As for weapons, I'd probably recommend the Sword/Shield or Spear early on. You frequently want to hit quick and run away early on, and both do that well. I think Longsword is best for crowd control (although the Whirlwind skill of the Spear is great), which is more of a concern later.

I've found that focusing on fishing/cooking has the side effect of boosting up your stamina quickly through use and allowing a lot of food items, so I didn't have any problem with the character picking up and learning new weapons.