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    I thought I remembered that being the case, since it's true in Rune Factory 4, but I couldn't verify it at any sources I could track down, since I don't like posting things I can't find any support for, having started reading internet guides in the era of "The invincible Katori will protect your greenhouse from being blown away in a typhoon" or "You can find Mew if you push the truck."
    ...So thought to myself "Nah, there has to be *something* else that can use shields fully, right? I'm just being a derp, yes? Everyone wouldn't forget to mention this, right, so I'm bound to be not remembering correctly? They're not being that deliberately unhelpful to verify my shoddy memory, yes?"
    My new rule is just to trust nothing. Except I guess you because you agree with me, so I'll add that in.
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