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So, Mr. Xefas, I have a question.
I was wondering if all of the mythos classes are based on Exalted characters, or just a few of them? Because I was thinking of making a Mythos Binder/Summoner/Whatever (the Seneschal), but I don't want to look silly by making something that doesn't thematically fit with the rest of your excellent work.
Let me put it this way. Everyone's work tends to be derivative of what they like. I would assume even more so if they're doing it for fun, rather than within constraints in a work environment. People do things involving stuff they enjoy! I really like Exalted, which happens to be a game about awesome dudes that hit things with fists and fire and metal objects. D&D is a game about awesome dudes that hit things with fists and fire and metal objects, so when I make stuff for it, there's always going to be some Exalted inspiration.

I mean, Gary Gygax was reading Dying Earth and Lord of the Rings, and oh, hey, when he wrote a fantasy wargame, it had furry-footed hobbits and wizards that prepare compartmentalized spells from books full of diagrams and gibberish. It happens.

But, as I've continued making homebrew, I've tried to shy away from just drawing from the one source, and be more original. When I wrote the Infernal Monster Discipline ~3 years ago, it was a more-or-less straight translation of Exalted. The Teramach, in turn, draws on a lot of the same ideas, but aside from a few stolen names (which I've considered changing), it's only as inspired by Exalted as it is by the Hulk or Dragonball Z or Borderlands. Then, stuff like the Mythic Vashar and Mythic Kobold have almost no Exalted inspiration whatsoever.

This particular homebrew, the Mythic Reth Dekala, is intentionally a direct reference to fixtures in Exalted (but, to be fair, it's still decently tainted with Saiyans and Tamaraneans). But the next thing I make will probably have nothing to do with it (I'm thinking Mythic Lycanthropes).

So, in conclusion, do whatever. I'd say the only flavor guidelines I have for Mythos classes are that:

1) Mythic characters are great people. Whatever talent they have can be used to change the world. They aren't soldiers that level up and become slightly better soldiers. They're sword-saints that level up and become forces of destruction. They aren't thieves that aspire to run a criminal guild, they're bandit queens and kingslayers that will one day see the world dance on their puppet-strings.

2) They use the Planescape/Great Wheel cosmology. Because I can't be arsed to learn what esoteric strata Eberron and Dragonlance revolve on.

3) They use a lot of flowery proper nouns. Just, everywhere. Have I ever said how proud I am of the name "Psychotic Sapience-Brutalizing Devolution"? Gods forbid I ever have children.