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    The Stormwillow Sisters (and brother)

    Glasia Maeana

    Race:Half-Dryad (Half-Drow)
    Gender: Female
    Age: HAE of 29
    Alignment: Evil
    Profession: Priestess of Lolth
    Power Level: C+

    Appearance: Glasia is very attractive and somewhat curvy, and has skin is a shade of dark gray reminiscent of slate. Her eyes are cherry-red. The only physical trait that reveals Glasia's dryadic heritage is her white hair, which is rather leaflike and tinted green.
    Glasia is fond of loose maroon robes with ornate steel gloves, boots, and a tiara. She bears a large maroon tattoo of a spider on her back.
    Personality: Glasia is vengeful, prideful,, and ambitious. She is extremely cruel to her enemies and even allies, and sadistic. She is also ruthless and will do anything to acheive her goals.
    Glasia has a deep hatred of fey (except drow, of course), especially dryads and nymphs. She is ashamed of her half-dryad origin and tries to hide it.
    Glasia is extremely devoted to Lolth's Clergy, and will put the church's needs above hers. She is obsessed with moving higher up in Lolth's clergy, and dreams to be a High Priestess.
    Equipment: Glasia carries an arsenal of daggers, a plethora of poisons and antidotes, and a barbed whip. She also bears an amulet bearing the Spider Queen's symbol.
    Abilities: Glasia is a 9th level cleric (power list will be added later), and has a diverse knowledge of poisons. She has a lot of religious knowledge, and is extremely dexterous, and is very good at tricking, seducing, or convincing others.
    Backstory: Born to Quarfein Maeana and Birch Stormwillow, was adopted into House Maeana and trained as a priestess due to rapidly losing favor with Lloth.
    Notes: breathes carbon dioxide, blood is clear.

    Ilpharra Stormwillow

    Gender: Female
    Race: Half-drow, Half-dryad
    Age: HAE of 25
    Profession:Escaped Slave
    Alignment: Neutral
    Power Level: C

    Ilpharra has dark grey skin and green eyes, and her hair changes color with the seasons: White, tinted-green, yellow, and dark brown. She has a wiry frame, and is moderately attractive. Her back is covered with scars, and a long scar stretches across her left cheek.
    Ilpharra wears a simple grey sleeveless tunic and shorts under her light armor.
    Personality: Ilpharra is rather antisocial and pugnacious due to her long time spent in the caverns of the Underdark that she escaped to. She hates being ordered around, and is rather impetuous. Ilpharra is frightened of chains, and is slightly paranoid.
    Equipment: An axe and a couple gold coins.
    Abilities: can photosynthesize, has magical potential, extremely good at tracking, hunting, and fighting. Also skilled at crafting and has a lot of endurance.
    Notes: Has clear blood as well, breathes carbon dioxide.
    Daughter: Amaria.
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