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    Default Re: DM's campaign log- Wrath Of The Righteous (PF & spoliers!)

    It looks like the last post was a bit overly long. I apologize for that, I'll try to keep things simpler. Note: I added mood music to Neathholme I used for the party's time there in the previous post. Just look for the link.

    Session 2, part 2- Battle with Hosila and her minions.

    Down the hole
    Mad dog goes to guard the hole, while Sena heals the party with his charges, and they look through the equipment and battlefield. They find some MW equipment on the cultists, but also 2 CLW potions, and some scrolls. ("Cause fear? Sena? Not exactly appropriate..."). Mad dog keep hearing noises from below, and their suspicions that an ambush is being set are enhanced.

    The hole goes 10 ft through rock, then another 15 feet till the ground, in whatever room it is (There is light there, so not all mongrelfolk). They think of who should go first, and somehow think of sending in the scout- Andera. He is not happy about it, but goes ahead.

    As he gets down to the room, he sees a larger room, with two barricades, behind which are lined 5 mongrelfolk, with crossbows. There are also two cultist there guarding the gap, and bhingthem, near the door to the back, there is Wendaug, to the side of Hosilla- a human female cultists, with a glaive and a determined look in her face.

    They all had ready actions... 5 crossbow shots, another arrow from Wendaug, and Hosilla wields a wand, and suddenly a force glaive appears behind Andera, attacking him! Andera takes nice damage, and then due to a command by a cultist, drops and fall to the floor. He decides to then vanish, and runs hiding behind the barricade, but the force glaive follows it.

    We have a quick discussion- do spiritual weapon continue to follow even invisible creatures? We decided that yes, it does, but of course it suffers all the regular miss chance.

    Andera's player curses. "Should have used the vanishing to get in!" and Sena adds "we should have thrown a smoke stick inside before descending...". Oh well, what's done is done!

    Against the line, and Andera's courageous attempt
    Hearing the barrel of shots and painful sounds from Andera, Andrew rushes down the ladder, and towards the barricades, with Lann following suit. They get shot somewhat on the way, but press on. Hosilla puts another force glaive on Andrew as well, recognizing the symbol of Iomedae on his shield.

    Harry and Sena casts protective spell, and wait to follow Mad dog, who rushes down and to the barricades, climbing atop them quickly, a giant in the small room atop the wooden structure. Themongrelfolk drop their crossbow, and draw spears. Some attack Lann, others AMddog, both are hurt, but Mad dog fails his acrobatics and falls back behind the barricade, beside the invisible Andera, who drinks a potion to heal himself.

    Andrew faces the scythe wielding cultist, as Harry descends, putting Magic missiles to Hosila, and gets shot nicely by Wendaug in return. Sena descends, and pulls out the scroll he got. He uses it on Wendaug, who's face turn to terror, and she bolts through the back door, inside.

    There are a round or two where the party tries to break the line, and Hosila brings out more spiritual glaives, but most don't hit. The party's hit points dwindle. Andera then tries a very bold (If foolish) move- He disappears again, jump on the barricades and over the cultists, and gets to Hosilla, attacking her... with a natural one. The closest mongrel folk turn and attack him, wounding him even more, and Hosilla moves and drops him to -8 hp with her glaive!

    "So... new character?"

    The battle intensifies
    Harry comes close, and burns part of the barricade as well as 3 mongrelfolk and the 2 cultists with a well aimed burning hands, causing about 45 hp total damage, probably the most damaging attack in the battle. This is enough to enable Mad dog and Andrew to push a bit in, but not close enough to Hosilla yet. Lann manages to kill a mongrel folk on the other side "You have forgotten our heritage, our past! I will show you the true way!" and tumbles towards Andera. In the next rounds he feeds him his potion of CLW, and Andera's last potion as well, not yet bringng him back.

    And the others aren't faring well either. Hosilla directs the mongrelfolk on Andrew, and he is hit hard, down to less than 5 hp. Sena heals him, getting him back to the fight, But Hosilla's spiritual glaive cuts deep into him, getting him down to 4 hp... Harry launches force missile after force missile, surprisingly mostly at the mongrelfolk, not at the cultists or Hosilla

    Mad dog engages the Baphomet cultists to the back, but they exchange attacks without hitting. He tries a scroll ofcause fear on the range,r but Mad dog manages to with hold it.

    Lann, Andrew and Mad dog face Hosilla, the cultist and 2 last mongrelmen. Andrew and Hosilla exchange bravado and insults. He hits her hard, but then she drinks her potion of CMW, and heals completely. The party groan, other than Mad dog, they are all to their single digits in hit point, and spells and more are lacking. Harry even starts looking through his attack cantrips... Sena debates with himself whether to use the healing charges or no, since they would heal the enemy as well.

    Mad dog's rage
    But Mad dog won't be denied! As Andrew changes position, Mad dog takes place in the spot between all of their enemies, and tries to power attack and cleave- first Hosilla, then the cultist. And Mad dog crits, quite beautifully! The party cheers as his sword tears through Hosilla's abdomen, cutting her in half, ("Finally! Some guts!" she exclaimed. Sena's player looked at her- "Ok, now this is getting too creepy!") We laugh that now we have a new "Google Kills!". The cultists panicked, and unleashed a negative energy blast, which nearly topples Sena and Harry (1-2 hp left).

    "Google Kills"?
    Harry's player played a psi-war half giant called Google in a previous campaign (Due to a parody advertisement that had the signature line- "Remember- we're Google, and Google can kill you!") Google missed most of the time, but when he did hit- it was usually a massive crit, and it almost always killed stuff, especially "boss enemies". The party used to joke they were drawing out time till he rolled a crit, which was usually followed by the claim "Google kills!"

    As they "clean up what's left", Wendaug returns from her fear. Seeing the massacre, she runs towards the ladder. Mad dog, Andrew and even Harry come to stop her (Harry with a shocking grasp spell), but their luck runs out and they all miss her. Wendaug, under the effect of a Long strider spell, rushes up, and past the 3 NPCs (Though Anevia shoots at her), and runs away from the place, up to the city, taking the guards in the last outpost with her.

    Returning mini villain or character? I imagine Wendaug could easily get friendly with the demons if need be, and she could easily stalk the characters through town, perhaps adding a complication. She presents an interesting opportunity, I will need to think about what to do with her, if at all..

    The party have won, but just barely. Sena heals with the last of his charges, bringing Andera back to consciousness as well. No more spells, no more daily powers, and not so great on the hit points. But the cultists are dead, and the mongrelfolk resistance is done for.

    Hosilla's battle design
    - 1 mongrelfolk to the dining room
    - Got rid of Hosilla's tiefling Uziel, and added two cultists.

    Hosilla fighting on her own is a piece of cake. In order to be any kind of effective (A large part due to her spiritual weapon wand) meant that she needed some sort of defense. I also swapped a feat or two for her, nothing major.

    I wanted the fight to be a big fight. Wendaug escaped so that gave enough of a reason to "rally up the remaining forces". The battle was TOUGH, mostly due to the meany enemies. Had Harry had another burning hands, or a mass area spell, this would have been much easier.

    An important note in the battle was the entry hole- It functioned as it should- limiting entry to 1 character in dangerous circumstances. I was intrigued at what solution would the party find for it. Unfortunately they came with cool ideas only AFTER Andera was made into a pin cushion.

    I'm worried if this battle wasn't TOO tough. The party survived quite a bit due to low damage by enemies attacks. It could have gone the other way. (The party rolled the damage against them on the table, as per the house rules. I roll nothing) But then again they were also almost never hit by Hosilla's glaives, so maybe it evens out? Anyway, it was close, real close. Had the cultists been able to unleash another channel energy, Sena and Harry would have most likely fallen.

    They still had potions though.

    Aftermath- loot, clues, realization, and secret loot!
    (Sena's player spoke determinedly "Next feat- Selective channeling!") The party moved to explore the rest of the chambers. The next room they have found a sort of a dining hall, but on it there were the dissected and mutilated corpses of several mongrelmen. Lann recognized the leader of this tribe. There was also a human, sliced from groin to neck, with a... Wakizashi? Upon checking, it radiated magic, and Andera took it as his own. (But he didn't question what the hell it was going here! I was hoping to work a bit with his back story. Oh well) Sena gave some words, sending of the dead, but there was little more that could be done. Even Mad dog refrained from trying to search the bodies for loot, though you could see the urge on the player's face.

    They found the kitchen, with the "butcher knife" (A MW hand axe. in the original adventure a MW dagger), and lastly the chief's room, a bit like that of Chief Sull, only much smaller. They found some loot, and then, like every good adventurer, they took time to look for secret doors.

    And they did find it! (In the original adventure this was a secret room in their watering hole, and something that no one sane would search for, I switched it for the Chieftain's treasure.) Andera found the pit trap, and moved to try and open the lock, but failed, jamming the lock (Sena's player was joking about him quite a lot by now. "First you can't get by a dumb lizard, invisible. Then you nearly get yourself killed, and now you can't even open a lock? What kind of a rogue are you?") For some reason however Andrew carries a... crowbar. (Party: "Why does a paladin carries a crowbar?" Him: "Trust me, you don't want to know...") I don't usually allow this, but they did won a very very tough fight, so we went with forcing the chest open, and getting the great loot inside. I changed a few things, but they seemed to like it. (Arrow magnet to Harry, Ring of climbing to Mad dog, some scrolls and such)

    Sena was pleased to take Hosilla's wand (Although a bit disappointed to learn it has only 4 charges left), and her jeweled prayer book o Baphoment. ("Oh, I'll take that!" He said hurriedly. If I know the player right he will find some use for it). But more interesting was The Orders from Staunton Vhane:
    You will remain, for the time being, in
    Kenabres, but know this: the city’s days
    are numbered. Seek a place of safety—the
    underground den of your mongrel lackeys should
    suffice to keep you safe from the devastation
    to come. I shall assume command of Drezen
    shortly, and once Vorlesh has finished with
    the wardstone and Kenabres is no longer of
    interest to us, you are to return to my side.
    Before you leave for Drezen, stop by the three safe houses
    (Nyserian Manor, Topaz Solutions, and the
    Tower of Estrod—the passphrase remains the same)to
    ensure no evidence remains behind.
    May Lord Deskari and Lord Baphomet watch
    over you!"

    Some things missing
    Now you may notice that there are two changes from the letter in the module. First- I don't tell them what the password is (I think it may be more interesting if they have to figure it out or go without it) And secondly, you may notice there is an important piece of loot missing, which is also missing from the letter- The legendary sword Radiance.

    For those who don't know, by the module the paladin is supposed to find Radiance, a powerful sword, which starts out simple, and through the adventure the PCs can unlock it's powers till it become a legendary Holy Avenger (With mythical powers I think). I didn't like this place as the founding place though, it lacked the feeling of a special occurrence. I wish to make the finding of the sword a special event, some sort of a special encounter (Or encounters) in the ruins of Kenabres. I'll detail on that in a future post.

    Andera's player, amongst the few who have read the player's guide carefully, asks in a worried voice. "Wait, So Areelu Vorlesh, the witch that opened the Worldwound IS alive?"

    We decided to end the session here.

    XP: 4,160 per player

    So, The bad tribe's warrens turned out to be composed of two big battles. (There is also another tiny battles with some demons, but nothing the party can't handle. Once they are back to strength). The first battle more fast paced, flowing and with a bit of a cinematic feel (The ruse, the rush inside, the battle at two fronts and so on). It was also less dangerous, and more light hearted.

    The second fight was more of a clash between the forces, and grinding to find a position. The barricades had a BIG effect on the battle. And it called out for nearly all of the party's resources and abilities. It was fun, if a bit harrowing.

    Hosilla doesn't make for such a good "boss"... Her melee abilities aren't that impressive, and her spells lack a punch. But in that constellation it worked, somewhat. I think I might have made her something other than inquisitor. The class works nicely for PCs, less for adversaries.

    Ok, that's all for now. I hope I didn't bore you or dragged you too long with my descriptions. We shall play again in about 3-4 weeks, Which I may use to plan more. The part that I love most about the module is the ruins above, and I hope to make something special of them, including the finding of the Paladin's sword.

    If you liked it, disliked it, have any comments or questions, please share. It helps keep the motivations going!
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