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    Name: Domnus Ereptor
    Alias: The turned one ( Domnus does not live by that, though some call him by it)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Vampire Elf
    Age: Old
    Alignment: chaotic nuetral
    Profession: Explorer, Jack of all trades
    Power: 3.5 on Quinsars scale

    Description: Imagine the Avatar in my signature as an elf. Just add ears
    Personality: Reacts in very different ways to different things. Can be calm, or raging.
    Equipment: Little armor, carries 2 daggers (dual wield), enouh money to live off of
    Abilities: His senses are heightened, he is more agile and quick than a normal elf, protection from normal sunlight. He can sometimes sense lies.
    Backstory: He was raised in an area where elves were disliked. He traveled while too inexperienced and became a vampire. More to come later.
    Miscellaneous: N/A
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