Domni Erept
Godly Parent: Athena

Age: 15
Personality: Domni is a somewhat loner. He enjoys being by himself, but can also enjoy company. He spends a lot of time learning and mastering strategies for basically anything. He is not the most socially adept person, but is somewhat good at talking.
Description: Domni is about 5 foot 6 inches. He generally wears shorts and a t-shirt all year round, except in combat. He carries 2 daggers, and is often found with books. He has long black hair (odd for most boys) and blue eyes.

Power Level: 3.6

Spoiler: Abilities
Domni is oddly good at remembering things, and can give items some magical properties.

Spoiler: Equipment
Domni has 2 magically enchanted daggers (the properties change). In combat he wears boots which boost his speed and extra tough, but light armor.