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Thread: [3.5] The TWF OffHandbook.

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    Here's something I'm thinking about adding to the "Builds" section, inspired mostly by GhenghisConrad's attempts to create the Ultimate Death From Above Battle Jump MurderPouncer and Sinfire Titan's old chestnut 4500 lbs of stupid.

    Note: This build assumes two things that are probably not strictly RAW. 1) Anthropomorphic baleen whales can be raised in the Taer region and thus take a regional feat restricted to that region, and 2) any action that results in falling on top of your opponent can be turned into a full-round charge. Curmudgeon has already expressed his doubts about #2.

    So... let's say we want to use Battle Jump + Shadow Jaunt/Shadow Stride/Shadow Blink to teleport above our opponent three times in a round, full attack them on the way down, crush them with no-save falling object damage, and then bull rush them into the ground with Knockback + Dungeon Crasher. Can we get everything into the same build? I think so:

    Let's start with anthropomorphic baleen whale: 3 HD of monstrous humanoid, large size, Str +8, tail slap, and blindsight 120'. The only problem here is I have no idea what such a creature's weight would be... presumably somewhere between 250 lbs (half-ogre from Races of Destiny) and 600 lbs (full ogre from MM). Preferably we want to be at least 500 lbs, so that if we use expansion to become huge, our weight goes up to 4000 lbs, which maxes out our falling object damage at 20d6. Eh... call it maybe 350-400 lbs and our armor/weapons/equipment should take care of the rest.

    My first run-through produced Whale 3/Barbarian 1/Fighter 6/Swordsage 10, which works out fairly well: BAB +17 and IL 15 at ECL 20. But then I thought, well, can I do this with Warblade and just take Shadow Jaunt/Stride/Blink with Martial Study, which lets me use the Warblade refresh mechanic? And yes, that sorta works, except I was a feat short, so I had to replace two Warblade levels with Ranger 2, and this dropped my IL too low to pick up Shadow Blink at ECL 18, so I had to finish off with Legacy Champion: Whale 3/Barbarian 1/Ranger 2/Fighter 2/Warblade 2/Legacy Champion 2/Fighter +4/Legacy Champion +4. But there was still a piece missing (no expansion), and replacing Ranger 2 with Psychich Warrior 2 gets me another feat. So... I present to you:

    Race: Anthropomorphic Baleen Whale
    1) Whale 1. Feat: Battle Jump.
    2) Whale 2.
    3) Whale 3. Feat: Power Attack.
    4) Barbarian 1. Spirit Lion Totem, Whirling Frenzy ACF.
    5) Fighter 1. Bonus: TWF.
    6) Fighter 2. Feat: Improved TWF. Dungeon Crasher 1.
    7) PsyWar 1. Bonus: Improved Bull Rush.
    8) PsyWar 2. Bonus: Knockback.
    9) Warblade 1. Feat: Martial Study->Shadow Jaunt.
    10) Warblade 2. IL6
    11) Legacy Champion 1. [IL6.5]
    12) Legacy Champion 2. Feat: Practiced Manifester*. [IL8.0]
    13) Fighter 3. [IL8.5]
    14) Fighter 4. Bonus: Greater TWF. [IL9.0]
    15) Fighter 5. Feat: Martial Study->Shadow Stride. [IL9.5]
    16) Fighter 6. Dungeon Crasher 2. [IL10.0]
    17) Legacy Champion 3. [IL11.5]
    18) Legacy Champion 4. Feat: Martial Study->Shadow Blink. [IL13]
    19) Legacy Champion 5. [IL14.5]
    20) Legacy Champion 6. BAB +17, [IL16.0]

    * = This could be Shock Trooper instead, but a higher ML lets you augment expansion for a better duration. If you finish off Legacy Champion 5/6 by advancing Psychic Warrior, your ML = 8, and this is high enough to augment up to gargantuan size or activate it as a swift action.

    But wait, you say, your DM won't allow Battle Jump because there are no anthropomorphic baleen whales in the Taer region? (Shyeah right... since when did anything "not belong" in the Forgotten Realms?) Well, there's another feat in Cityscape called Roof-Jumper that does nearly the same thing as Battle Jump, but instead of 2x damage you get 1d6 damage per 10' fallen. Unfortunately it requires three nearly useless prereqs: the dreaded Dodge, it's annoying sidekick Mobility, and the uninspiring Roofwalker. If we swap Swordsage in for Warblade, we get three feats back, so we can juggle some feats around and sort of make it work... except we need to give up Practiced Manifester for Adaptive Style, because otherwise it takes three full-round actions to refresh our maneuvers.

    Anyway... I think the Whale 3/Barbarian 1/Fighter 2/PsyWar 2/Warblade 2/Legacy Champion 2/Fighter +4/Legacy Champion +4 does nearly everything I want it to do. Assuming Thumpback has already expanded to huge:

    "The Triple Lindy"

    Round 1:
    1) Standard Action, Shadow Jaunt 20' above opponent. Pounce for full attack, Power Attack for -2.
    2) Each attack that hits causes a Bull Rush check with at least a +12 bonus (+8 for huge, +4 from Knockback) on top of whatever your Str bonus is now.
    3) Each bull rush into the ground causes 8d6 bludgeoning damage from Dungeon Crasher.
    4) Assuming body + equipment is at least 4000 lbs, your opponent takes 20d6 falling object damage. Core rules don't allow a save, but the Aerial Bombardment rules in Heroes of Battle (pp. 67-68) may be used to give your opponent a Ref save DC 15 to avoid.
    5) Use the catfeet power or Landing armor property (+4000 GP, MIC) to negate our own falling damage and land on our feet.
    6) Resolve the stacking issue as an unavoidable Overrun attempt: Str check vs. opponent's Str or Dex, whichever is higher. If you succeed, opponent is knocked prone while you remain standing. If you fail, you fall prone in opponent's square(s).
    7) Move action, repeat steps 1-6.
    8) Swift action, repeat steps 1-6.

    Round 2:
    1) Full attack + swift action to refresh maneuvers, or stand up (move) + standard attack + swift action to refresh.

    Round 3:
    1) Goto Round 1, repeat.

    [EDIT] Problem... can't Power Attack with a light offhand weapon. Improved Unarmed Strike, Oversize TWF, or EWP Dragonsplit fixes that, but then there's no room for Practiced Manifester. Well, Fanged Ring, Ring of Might, or Bracers of Striking fix that. Or dip Battle Dancer 1 at ECL 19/20. So maybe not so much a problem.

    Quickie Monster Class for Anthropomorphic Baleen Whale:
    1) 1d8, BAB +1, F+0 R+2 W+2, Str +2, Con +2, NA +3, medium size, speed 30', swim 40', darkvision 60'
    2) 2d8, BAB +2, F+0 R+3 W+3, Str +4 Dex +2 Con +2 Wis +2, NA +6
    3) 3d8, BAB +3, F+1 R+3 W+3, Str +8, Dex +4 Con +4 Wis +4, NA +9, large size

    Any thoughts/comments?