Amount of Out-of-Combat Roleplaying
3, I usually would chose 2, but for this game 3 is more suitable I think!

Complexity of the Plot
3, but some times could be 4 as well...

Linearity of the Plot
3, but with some aspect of 2 as well, maybe some mission could be a bit more open ended.

Scale of the Plot
3, maybe with some 2 at higher levels, with the presence of small-scale wars.


3, some battles/mission could be 2.

Permanency of Death
At lower levels: 2; At higher levels: 3, maybe we could get some alien technology that help reviving our heroes or something like that.


Update Frequency

Tolerance of Homebrew

Enemy Variety
4 Give me X-COM!!

I love X-Com, it have a good plot, it make me have that sense of emergency, and it is an amazing strategy game! The base build and using alien technology in our advantage is also fun!