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Thread: X-Com: The Fourth Dimension (OOC Thread)

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    Default Re: X-Com: The Fourth Dimension (OOC Thread)

    Hey guys, Inspectre PM'd me and asked me join y'all! What roles do we need filled? I can, really, make anything you need.


    Amount of Out-of-Combat Roleplaying - I'd say a 2.5 on this one. I love RP and being able to write it out is something I have loved doing on the forums. And it is why I stay here even though I have had countless characters get dropped due to games dying.

    Complexity of the Plot I too would say about a 2.5

    Linearity of the Plot 2 or 3 here as well I think.

    Scale of the Plot More a 3 here for me, with bits of 2 slumped in there.

    Tone 1 to 2 I'd say, maybe.

    Lethality/Difficulty I've always liked "getting by the encounter by the skin of your nose, so I too will say 1.5.

    Permanency of Death - I have no qualms about having to reroll a character and I would even say that I Would LOVE to have a character die in a campaign, as I have not yet had one die in a game. I did have one die, but it was more of a "do you want your character dead or to roll up a new one?" so I opted for a new one. So I don't really count that one

    Pacing In Pbp I have always been one of the school of quick quick quick leveling. So I'd say 1.25.

    Update Frequency .01

    Tolerance of Homebrew I love homebrew classes/races, so I'm up for whatever there. In terms of rules, I love Surreal's rules as well and actually use them when I DM, so I will suggest we use those.

    Enemy Variety - Up to you boss

    Why do you like X-Com? - I actually have no idea what X-Com is, however I'd love to get a least a little history on it and read up on it so I'm not totally lost. Just from what I have picked up from reading other people's posts, it is an alien/human war that we aren't necessarily going to win, but we probably will.

    EDIT: I see a defender isn't here from the other game, should I make a defender since it looks like we don't have one?
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