Alias: None, Shark's real name is currently unknown.
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 27
Profession: Mercenary

Description: Shark is tall and well-built. He has short black hair and brown eyes, and there isn't anything particularly special about his face. His torso is adorned with several scars from knife and bullet wounds. He's almost never caught outside of his MSF battle uniform, a standard military uniform camouflaged to be used in the jungle.

Personality: Most of the time, Shark is cool and collected. He's confident in most every situation, a result of his military training. This really only changes if someone has managed to get him angry, or when talking to a good-looking guy.

Equipment: -Two firearms: a Mk. 22 silenced pistol, and a Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle, also modified to have an integral suppressor. Both fire non-lethal tranquilizer rounds rather than bullets. In terms of weapons, he also carries a combat knife.
-Soliton Radar: This hand-sized screen is connected to a radar in Shark's backpack. It shows a real-time map of the nearby area, as well as the position and location of anybody nearby, even those normally immune to radar.
-Rations: Shark keeps a few of these in his backpack. Eating one heals any wounds he may have. How it does this is anyone's guess.
-Stealth Camo: Using this hand device renders Shark completely invisible.
-Rescue Box: This cardboard box is styled to look like an ambulance, complete with a siren taped to the top. Somehow, when Shark stays underneath this box for a while, his wounds are healed.
-Infinity Bandanna: This looks like any simple bandanna, but while Shark wears it, he has unlimited ammo for any weapons he may be carrying, no matter what kind of weapon it is.

Abilities: Shark is well-trained in marksmanship, hand-to-hand combat, and infiltration. He seems to be mundane otherwise, but if he ever gets into an actual mission, a couple of odd things happen.

If he ever fights someone more powerful than him, their abilities are forced down to be closer to his level. Magicians are only limited to a few weaker spells, people might suddenly be slower or weaker than they should be. Psychics who can normally directly attack someone's mind are suddenly limited to simple telekinesis.

If Shark ever tries to sneak into a facility, the security of wherever he's sneaking to is a lot dumber than they should be. Security guards look around an area very slowly and get a lot more predictable. Cameras don't have nearly the field of view that they should.

((tl;dr: Shark is a Metal Gear character, and things that he's up against become a lot more video game-y.))

Backstory: To Come Later(tm)